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Tie the Knot Now, Celebrate Later


So maybe rescheduling your wedding date isn’t for you. Maybe you just don’t want to, or your wedding date is super, super important to you and your boo. Or maybe, you’re worried that some of your family members won’t be able to be there at a later date due to travel or health concerns. Whatever the reason, the second most popular choice we’re seeing couples make right now is to tie the knot now and then celebrate later. 

A candid black and white image of a bride and groom laughing together just after their wedding ceremony at The Pavilion in Kansas City.

Some of them are having intimate ceremonies with 10 or fewer people. Some are just running away to their favorite park and getting married. Others are partaking in special ceremony packages that keep popping up all around Kansas City. Whatever the reason, know that this is still a very, very good option for your wedding day. Let’s take a deeper look. 

Tie the Knot Now, Celebrate Later

A candid picture of two brides raising their joined arms in victory as their family and friends cheer them on just after their wedding ceremony at Fire Stables in Lenexa.

Pros to Tying the Knot Now

  • You’re still getting married on your original date | A lot of our couples choose their wedding date for a very, very specific reason. Maybe it’s a special anniversary for them. Or a holiday they love to celebrate. Or their parents’ anniversary. We get it. You chose your date for a reason. When you choose to tie the knot now? You still get to keep your original date. 
  • Hello – you get to wear your gown twice! | When are you ever going to get a chance to wear your wedding gown twice? And celebrate twice? Plus, you and your honey all dressed up on two different days? So many more photos, friends. 
  • Less stress – Focusing on only one part of your day at a time is going to lift so much stress off your shoulders. Especially if you’re having a casual ceremony at home in your backyard. You can literally just go with the flow and have your ceremony whenever you want it. 
  • Looser timeline | And afterwards? You’re in no particular hurry to get to the reception venue so the caterers can serve dinner or so your guests are waiting. If you want to take a few extra minutes to spend with just the two of you? You can totally do that and not have to worry about rushing around or being late. 
  • You can focus on what really matters now | Yep. The whole reason you’re getting married? Because you love your boo. So often on big wedding days couples get caught up in everything else that’s going on, and not the main reason they’re there. But on smaller, abbreviated days? You can 100% focus on you and your honey. 

Cons to Tying the Knot Now

  • Your wedding might look a little different than you expected } Unfortunately, this is a possibility. And it’s one that you and your honey need to talk about. Maybe it’s just you and 7 of your VIPs in the backyard. Or maybe it’s just you and your preacher in the church. Maybe your venue isn’t open and you have to go to your favorite park. Ultimately, you still get to get married. Just be open to flexibility and that things might not be exactly what you’ve dreamt of for months while planning. 
  • Not everyone will necessarily get to attend | This completely depends on local occupancy limits and your venue (okay, and maybe the travel industry). Be prepared that not everyone might not be able to make it into town for your big day. Or that you have to pick and choose between your VIPS who can be there in person and who has to watch via FaceTime. It’s okay, don’t let it stress you out. We guarantee you that your VIPs will be understanding and just happy that you’re getting married. 
  • You have to wait for the big party | That’s not to say you can’t pop the bubbly in the backyard and celebrate right away. But the big party that you’ve been dreaming of? That will likely get put on hold. 

Things to Think About 

  • How do you want to spend your time on wedding day? Is not doing a first look as important now as it was before? Do you still want to rush around taking photos at your selected locations? Or do you just want to chill and play it all by ear? The decision is 100% up to you. 
  • Who will get to be there? How do you decide? This is tough. But, something you need to consider. Maybe only your parents will be in attendance, but because grandma is in the “at risk” group she’s there via FaceTime. Maybe your siblings are tuning in from the living room together because you’re already at full occupancy limits. Or, maybe, all of your families are there, socially distant to support you. It never hurts to have a Plan A, B, C, and D sometimes. 
  • What exceptions are you willing to make to still get married on your chosen date? | Are you willing to have a different officiate? Or a different venue? Are you getting married no matter what or where as long as you get married? Talk about what you both want and how you want your day to play out. 

Pro Tip

Sit back, relax, and live in the moment if you’re still getting married now. Focus on what really matters: getting married with your very most VIPS in attendance. And for the record, you can still for sure cut a cake and share all of your special dances on the day you tie the know. You can also do all of them later when you celebrate! 

Industry Insider Point of View

Don’t assume that all of your vendors will be able to be there on both of your big days. If you’re having a later celebration they may already be booked or at full capacity. Or, they may require a new retainer for your new date. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to handle and approach a lot of wedding days just like these and are willing to be as flexible as we can. 

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