A colorful, silhouetted picture of a group of reception attendees dancing as the sun goes down behind them.

What do you mean by different?

A candid black and white picture of a bride and groom sharing a kiss, as the bride's wind blows in the wind and the groom gives the camera a peace sign on their Kansas City wedding day.

The Most Fun, and Least Amount of Stress

You want to throw one hell of a party to celebrate your wedding but also make sure you and your VIPs aren’t stressed out. We’ll help you build your Kansas City wedding vendor dream team, wedding day timeline, photo locations, family photo lists, and photo delivery day way before wedding day so you don’t have to worry.

On wedding day? All you and your honey have to do is sit back, relax, and have ALL THE FUN.

No Copy & Pasting.

You and your honey are not a one-size-fits-all kind of couple, and your photos shouldn’t be either. We don’t have a standard pose that we put everyone into at the same Kansas City location, weekend after weekend. It’s our goal to never create the exact same thing for any of our couples. Instead, we go into every wedding day with no expectations.

This way, whatever happens during our time together? It’s 100% YOU. YOUR moments and memories, and NOT someone else’s moments and memories that we think you “should” have.


A colorful, candid, silhouetted picture of a bride holding her bouquet out to her side as her groom karate kicks towards the camera on their Kansas City wedding day at The Bowery Event Space.
A colorful, candid picture of a little girl making a funny face at the camera as a groomsman dances in the background of the photo.

All Day Coverage

Life doesn’t only happen between 9 and 5 and neither will your favorite wedding day moments. With all day coverage you can let your wedding day play out naturally and not worry a single bit about us being there to catch it. The bonus? All of your VIPs will be super comfortable with us…which means more genuine moments and photos for you.

And TONS of reception blackmail photos of your family and friends for years to come. 😉



A dramatic black and white portrait of a bride and groom standing on a dock, sharing a kiss on their Kansas City Wedding Day.

"Honestly we didn't expect you to be so involved and to care so much; so many photographers didn't. The customer service from start to finish hands down was the best of any vendor we worked with."

Payton & Andrew

Two Primary Photographers....

And it’s always us, Kyle and Melissa. We’ve shot every wedding and engagement together for over 10 years now. Come wedding day we’re ready for absolutely anything that you and your VIPs might throw our way. You will literally have a seamless gallery, friends. None of that primary and secondary photographer’s crap. It will all blend together seamlessly.

Sometimes even we have a hard time remembering who took what photo. 🙂

A screenshot of an Instagram post of two photographers in the middle of a crowd, holding camera and lightstand up.
A colorful, candid picture taken from behind two brides as they raise their arms in victory at the end of their wedding ceremony, as their family and friends cheer them on.

Wedding Photo Ninjas

With nearly 200 weddings photographed in and around Kansas City, we know how to be a fly on the wall and live in your moments without distracting you. This way you can fully experience your wedding day. And when it comes time for family and wedding party photos? You better believe we’re ready to step up and take charge so you don’t have to worry.

We’re everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. 🙂


Genuine Moments

“Okay, now do it again!” is something that you won’t hear us say. EVER. Not happening around here. Our goal is to capture your real, true, raw and genuine moments as they happen so that 50 years from now when you look back through your photos? You’re taken right back to those real memories and all of the stories, not thinking about what your photographer asked you to do.

Give us the real stuff, friends. It’s what we live for and what you’ll love the most.

A colorful, candid picture of a bride leaning down to kiss the top of her fathe's gravestone on her sunny wedding day.
A staged photo of a wedding album with a reflective cover housed in a cork box sitting on a white table.

Wedding Albums

You’re not a one-size-fits-all couple, and your wedding album won’t be either. After you add all of your favorite moments to your album we’ll send it off to Italy where it’s printed on museum quality, archival paper, sealed with a finger-print-proof velvety finish, and hand bound before getting shipped.

If our past clients are any indication, you’ll be looking through your wedding album and reliving your favorite moments every.single.day.



A bold black and white candid picture of a groom leaning down to kiss his bride, the outlines of their bodies lit by sunlight.

"We were BLOWN away by our wedding album. We've never seen such amazing quality. Having that album for the rest of our lives is worth every penny. I've looked at it at least once a day. THANK YOU!" - Logan & Ben

Seeing Your Wedding Photos

Do you really want to see your wedding photos on a tiny phone screen while you’re by yourself in the bathroom on your lunch break? We didn’t think so. Instead, schedule a romantic date night, complete with your favorite takeout and cocktails. Snuggle up on the couch with your boo, and see your wedding photos for the first time TOGETHER.

Reveal day might just be the best day ever. You know, next to wedding day. 😉



A casual, candid black and white picture of a bride and groom, snuggled on an elaborate couch, the groom kissing the bride on her forehead at the end of their wedding reception in Kansas City
A colorful picture taken from above of a bride and groom, laying outstreetched on a dock as if they are running, green water visible around them on their Kansas City wedding day at Lake Quivira Country Club.


We only take 20 weddings a year and limit ourselves to the number of weddings we photograph each month. We want to be fresh and able to give 150% to all of our couples every.single.time. Maybe it’s an extra timeline review the week of your wedding, or dropping by your rehearsal dinner to get to know your VIPs. Trading texts about your engagement session or just sending a gif your way to say hey. Whatever it is? We’ve got time for it. 🙂

Limiting the number of weddings we take also allows us to give you an unforgettable wedding photography experience unlike anything you’ll receive from anywhere else in KC.

Engagement Sessions.

95% of our couples have never had photos taken before. Are you in the same boat? Perfect! Engagement sessions are great for getting comfortable in front of the camera, learning how we work, and they give us a great chance to get to know YOU. All that we ask is that we do something fun: go back to your first date spot, play with your pups in the park, build a bonfire in the backyard, visit someplace new in Kansas City…anything that is 100% completely and utterly YOU.

Get ready to laugh (A LOT), rack up all of the brownie points, and fall in love all over again.

A colorful picture of a man and woman standing behind a 1970 Impala, sharing an embrace and kiss during their summer engagement session in Kansas City.

What Happens Next?

A bold black and white picture of a bride and groom silhouetted in a window in a highi-rise, with the kansas city background visible out the window behind them.

Want to see more?

For all the photos check out the portfolio. For all the planning help head to resources. :)

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