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Rivas Weddings | A candid picture of Rivas owners Kyle Rivas and Melissa Rich in Kansas City's Power and Light District.

We're Kyle and Melissa

We’re husband-wife wedding photographers that have been photographing engagements and weddings in Kansas City and across the nation for over 10 years.

Telling your story and creating something different for you is our jam. We’re big believers that no two couples are the same, and that your wedding photos shouldn’t be the same either.

We believe in real, authentic moments. In never asking you to “do it again” for the camera so we can get the “perfect” shot. We would much rather get the "real you” shot.

We LOVE color and promise to never fade out the greens or make your skin orange - ew.

We love taking our couples someplace new in Kansas City, or experiencing something that they love with them.

A colorful, candid picture of a photographer dressed in black taking an up-close photo

Meet Kyle

Kyle lives for playing with light and dark to pull emotions from every aspect of an image to really highlight you and your boo and what’s happening in the frame. Sometimes we’re never sure where his super unique eye is going to take us, or put you. 🙂  He’s got bad “dad jokes” stockpiled for days to keep things entertaining, and can most often be heard saying, “This might not work, but if it does it’s going to be badass.”

Meet Melissa

Melissa’s jam? Photographing how your day feels, not just how it looks. She LOVES layering in and adding as many of your VIPs into a photo as she can to tell your story. She’s super sneaky, and tends to put herself in spots that nobody would ever dream of to capture the moment at hand. 🙂 And after wedding day – helping you finalize your wedding album is literally the best day ever. Bringing all of your favorites to life in print literally makes her heart sing.

A colorfl, candid picture taken at night of a photographer holding a lightstand in the middle of a dance floor with a plastic crown on her head, laughing hysterically.
A colorful silhouetted image of a couple leaning in to share a kiss at sunset, a canopy of trees surrounding them.

"I seriously don't have enough nice things to say about you two and your amazing art! It was the BEST thing we invested in for our day. I look at our wedding album daily and fall more in love with it each time." - Haley & Brody

Here are some other things we love. :)

-> Our corgis, Maggie and Sammy

-> Colorado – it’s where our hearts are and we run away to the mountains as much as we can.

-> Breakfast

-> Tacos

-> Coffee

-> Breakfast Tacos with coffee

-> Traveling

-> Finding and trying new things here in Kansas City

-> Beer, Whiskey, wine, any reason to drink champagne

-> Going for long walks on the beach and dancing in the rain….just kidding 😉

-> We love hiking and exploring, and bad kitchen dance moves are much more our jam.

A candid black and white picture of a man and woman holding hands and laughing hysterically as the look at each other.

Choosing a wedding photographer is hard work! The first step we always recommend? Getting together so we can all get to know each other!

Let's Meet Up!

"You two have been so much fun to work with. Your talent is unmatched. These are memories we will never forget. You aren't just our photographers, but our friends! " - Jessica & Brett

Behind the Scenes

PS - That first image? The really, really grainy one? That image is from the very first wedding that we photographed together way back on September 27, 2008 in Kansas City. Our bride was good friends with Kyle, and thought it would be funny to take a photo of the photographer and his girlfriend. Over ten years later, that crazy-grainy image means so much to us for so many reasons.

Curious how we got here?

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