April 1, 2022 /

Cellar 222 Classic KC Fall Wedding


If you could imagine the most perfect fall wedding day in Kansas City, it would look just like Kirsten and Brandon’s Cellar 222 Classic KC Fall Wedding. We kid you not. After a week of downpours and cold weather, somehow the sun managed to come out, the trees simultaneously started to turn colors, and a warm 65* breeze came through Kansas City. 

It was literally the most beautiful fall wedding day we’ve seen yet. 

And then you add in Kirsten and Brandon with all of their VIPs celebrating their marriage. Because on their wedding day? That’s the one single thing they were most excited for. Kirsten didn’t care about pictures of her earrings and ring with her shoes, or pictures of the centerpieces that she and Brandon worked so hard on together. 

All that these two laid-back lovebirds cared about? Getting awesome pictures (their words, not ours), and getting married. 

Well, friends. Let’s just say “mission accomplished.” Because in addition to celebrating with friends and family from both near and far on their wedding day, these two also finally got to tie the knot. Their ceremony was officiated by Kirsten’s newly ordained Uncle Randy, who snuck in so many sweet Uncle jokes that we just about couldn’t take it. 

We would be liars if we said we didn’t have so many favorite moments from their wedding day. 

Kirsten walked herself down the aisle, because she’s “nobody’s property therefore no one can give me away or receive me.” And as soon as Kirsten put Brandon’s ring on his finger? He held his finger up with the same excited glee you get as a kid when you get a new toy. 

And, we would be completely amiss if we didn’t share Kirsten and Brandon’s special memory table honoring Kirsten’s dad and Brandon’s older brother at their reception. They wanted to make sure that two of their most special VIPs were there in spirit, even though they couldn’t be there in person. Instead of just setting out a few frames or lighting candles, they had Kirsten’s Dad’s favorite drink (ice cold Pepsi), and Brandon’s brother’s favorite late night snack (Oreos) for guests. 

Their day wouldn’t have been complete without a late-night celebration with all of their friends and family. At moments it seemed like everyone was on the dance floor singing along and dancing together. There was red velvet cake for everyone, and Kirsten and Brandon made sure their favorite Boulevard Brewing Company beers were on hand to share with their loved ones. 

What a day, friends. What a day. 

Cellar 222 Classic KC Fall Wedding 

Kirsten and Brandon – from the bottom of our hearts thank you both so much for letting us create your wedding photos. We’ve had so much fun getting to know you both (and Ziggy and Bartlett) and can’t wait to see what adventure you two take on next. 

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