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Introducing Intimate Elopement Collections


Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re sure that you guessed by the title of this blog post that today is a super exciting day for us. Because yes, it’s true! We’re so excited to be introducing Intimate Elopement Collections today! Whether we want to admit it or not, the wedding industry and wedding ceremonies have changed so much in the last few months. The GREAT thing?! Couples are still getting married, just doing it a little differently. Which is exactly why and how these new wedding collections got developed. We’re sure you’ve got questions about how it works, who it’s for, when it can be used, etc., so let’s get right to it! 

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Introducing Intimate Elopement Collections 

What are they?

Wedding Collections built specifically for small weddings. And when we say “elopement” we don’t just mean running away to a mountainside. It could mean eloping at the courthouse, or the backyard. Essentially, these are small wedding collections that still include a lot of things “Rivas” but in a modified way to cater to weddings that are happening during the Coronavirus. And the big perk here? You of course get both of us to cover your elopement in every collection. 

Who are they for?

These babies are built specifically for couples that are a little displaced or that have to rethink their original wedding plan. Maybe it’s because you want to keep your original date. Or maybe it’s because the city has occupancy limits in place that prevent your big day from happening how you originally dreamed it would Whatever the reason, this is for you. 

(Please note – if you’re running away to a mountaintop to get married, we would still love to elope with you! Ask us about our more “traditional” elopement collections!) 

Where can they take place?

Pretty much anywhere within a 200 mile radius of KC. Whether it’s your backyard, the courthouse, a rooftop downtown or even a field out in the middle of nowhere. Wherever you decide to tie the knot? We’ll be there. 🙂 

When can they happen?

Honestly? Whenever you decide to get married. However, please note these collections can only be booked on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday up to 2 months previous to your wedding day. 

Why are we introducing them?

Why not? But honestly. It absolutely breaks our hearts that so many couples are having to change their idea of what their dream wedding day looks like. And if there’s anyway that we can help them and their families maintain a “normal” wedding day? You better believe we’re on board with it and that we’ll do everything we can to help out. 

The Collections 

The Zoom Wedding 

  • 1.5 Hours of Coverage by Kyle & Melissa 
  • Hi-Res Digital Negative Files 
  • Online Gallery for you to Share and Print

The Zoom Wedding + GoPro Footage 

  • 3 Hours of Coverage by Kyle & Melissa 
  • Hi-Res Digital Negative Files
  • RAW GoPro Footage from your Ceremony
  • Online Gallery for you to Share and Print 

The Intimate Elopement + Livestream

  • 6 Hours of Coverage by Kyle & Melissa 
  • Hi-Res Digital Negatives Files from Wedding 
  • RAW GoPro Footage from your Ceremony 
  • Livestream of your Ceremony
  • Timeline Planning 
  • Online Gallery 
A colorful, candid picture of a groom reacting to seeing his bride for the first time during their first look on their rainy wedding day at The Bowery in Kansas City.

Okay, so that’s all great, right? But how do you know if this is the right option for you? Well, honestly? If your wedding day is going to be anything but traditional. Or, if you’re getting married in a different way than originally planned because of Coronavirus. Check out our recent series “Ways to Get Married During Coronavirus” for more information and options about smaller ceremonies, friends. 🙂 

Oh – and did we mention that the first 3 couples to book their Elopement Collection by July 4 gets a complimentary piece of wall art that’s valued at $600?! Because that’s totally a thing. 🙂

WE ARE SO EXCITED for these new options, friends! Share with anyone and everyone that you think might benefit from still having a pro photographer at their smaller wedding. 🙂 

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