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Livestream Your Wedding


Well… have you ever thought about it? Live-streaming your wedding, that is. I know that when we typically think about “live-streaming” anything it’s in regards to a lot of our larger corporate clients live-streaming a training seminar or event to their various locations. But, apparently the year 2020 is a whole entirely different beast. 

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Which means that it’s 100% totally doable and acceptable to livestream your wedding. 

Let’s dig further, friends. 

Livestream Your Wedding 

Pros of Live-streaming Your Wedding

  • All of your guests can be there without needing specific software | Yep. This means you don’t have to worry about downloading and teaching your Grandma, or your Grandma’s neighbor about Zoom. You can literally just send them the link to watch. 
  • Nobody will miss a thing | If your videographer is live-streaming your wedding, you can guarantee that your guests won’t miss a single thing. Similar to a Zoom wedding, nobody is stuck at the back of the crowd trying to see you exchange your vows or rings. 
  • Nobody can accidentally interrupt your ceremony | Unlike having a Zoom wedding, with a livestream, you don’t have to worry about feedback from your guests or virtual attendants. Since they don’t have microphones you won’t be getting any interactions or noise. 
  • Don’t have to worry about occupancy limits | Again, maybe you only wind up inviting your most important VIPs and send everyone else the link to watch through. Whichever way you decide to do this, all of your initial guest list can tune in to “be” at your wedding.

Cons of Live-streaming Your Wedding 

  • Requires your own tech savvy team | Yep, you may have to think about hiring an outside vendor that can livestream your ceremony. 
  • No interaction with your virtual guests | Again, unlike a Zoom wedding, your virtual guests via livestream don’t have microphones. Which means you won’t hear their excited clapping and shouts of congratulations once you’ve exchanged rings. It also means that none of them will get to toast you either. 
  • Technology sucks sometimes | Just pointing out the yucky obvious here. Sometimes technology fails. And when you’re live-streaming the biggest moment of your lives? You want to make sure that doesn’t happen. 
A candid picture taken over the shoulder of a little boy of a man holding a phone up and live streaming a wedding ceremony.

Things to Think About

  • Who can livestream for you? Is this something you should consider doing on your own or do you need to think about setting aside some of your budget for it? 
  • Send out the Updated Invitation with the Link | Your guests won’t automatically know where to go to see the livestream. You’ll likely need to send out updated information or invitations with the link included so they can easily find it. 
  •  Are there any tech accommodations you need to make? Do you need to rent any microphones or extra cameras? Do you need to be sure to have a generator on-hand for your video crew? If you do wind up hiring a vendor to do your live-streaming for you, be sure that you go over all of their necessary technical requirements way before the big day so you can have everything you need on hand. 

Pro Tip 

Don’t try to DIY your own livestream unless you do it professionally. Hire a vendor that has experience live-streaming and has done it before. An experienced pro will know how to handle the gear, sound, lighting scenarios, and will be able to troubleshoot any issues that arrive on your big day. We’re about 99% sure those aren’t things you want to have to deal with on your wedding day. 

Industry Insider Point of View

Avoid having your ceremony near water, a busy street, or near train tracks. A busy street and passing train are pretty obvious things that will impact volume. But trickling or running water? You would be AMAZED at just how noisy it can be in a recorded video. So much so that your guests might not be able to hear the thing they’re tuning in to hear: your wedding ceremony.

An intimate portrait of a bride and groom sharing a kiss and embrace, surrounded by palm trees on their wedding day in Sunny isles Beach, Florida.

Friends this officially wraps up Part 5 of our “Ways to Get Married During Coronavirus” series! Which means we are officially over the halfway-there-hump, and so much closer to our super exciting launch in a few days!! 

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