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The Best Photo Gifts


Yep – that’s right. We’re going to be really real and talk holiday gifts for a minute. Yes, we realize it’s only October. And yes, we realize that we might be slightly out of our minds. But when you wake up and the first thin you hear on the news is that Christmas is 9 weeks away, it’s kind of what’s on your brain. So, for that reason, today we’re doing a deep-dive into the best gifts that you can give from your engagement and wedding photos.

One of the things that we always joke with our couples about during their reveal and ordering appointment is that they’ve got every possible holiday and birthday covered for the next year by simply sharing their photos. We say it as a joke, but it’s a completely serious thought. You’re covered, my friends. Not really sure what you could possibly gift others with your face on it? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

The Best Photo Gifts


Prints | Wall Portrait & Gift Size

Best Photo Gifts | Rivas Weddings | A photo of a gallery wrapped canvas engagement portrait. Best Photo Gifts | Rivas Weddings | A side by side photo of a mounted and matted engagement photo.

For most of our couples the last time they had photos was taken when they were seniors in high school. Considering that 75% of the couples we photograph are between the ages of 27-34, that’s nearly a decade. And really. What does your mom love more than photos of her kids? In most households the walls are covered with family photos and school portraits. Why not give your parents, or even grandparents, a new portrait of you and your new spouse? Or of you and your siblings together? Or, better yet (save this one for their anniversary), a photo of your parents together to hang on the wall? That’s right. Whether it’s a loose print, a canvas wrap, or even an image that has been custom framed parents LOVE receiving printed photographs as gifts.


Parent Books

Best Photo Gifts | Rivas Weddings | A photo of a bride and groom's wedding album with two parent albums sitting next to it.

Want to completely knock your parents socks off? Don’t just give them a print. Give them a whole book from your wedding day. Why? Because while you may get to see your wedding album every day, they don’t. And you’re their kid and they love you. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that although it was your wedding day, it’s still a day that they looked forward to and cherished as well. Something that they’ll never forget. And the great thing about parent books? They’re a little bit smaller than your wedding album. Which means your mom is going to take it everywhere to show off to all of her friends, which you know she’ll love.


Mini Books for your Wedding Party

Best Photo Gifts | Rivas Weddings | A photo of a set of mini-books.

Didn’t know this was a thing? It’s totally a thing (at least around here). What better way to thank your closest friends and family and to completely surprise them than with a mini book of your wedding day. Similar to your parents, it’s a day that they looked forward to and cherished as well. Pair it with their favorite bottle of wine, or even a print of them and their significant other, and you’re set.


Don’t forget yourself.

Rivas Weddings | A digital mock-up of a collage of 8 engagement and wedding photos over a console in a hallway.

But really. So often after your wedding you’re overspent and experiencing wedding wear-out. You’ve got your wedding album, but don’t necessarily look through it every day. It’s totally okay to get a gift for yourself too. And the best gift is one that you’ll see every single day. And that your family will see every single day. Print your favorite photo. And don’t just print an 8×10. If it’s your favorite, do it some real justice. Print an appropriate size for your home, so that it’s something that is a real statement piece. Gift trends will come and go, but a printed image from the best day of your life? It’s like wine. It only grows better and more valuable with time.


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