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8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know


Ahh…wedding planning. One of the most exciting and stressful things that you’ll ever do. Exciting because you finally get to marry your person. Stressful because there are going to be so many eyes on you and your person, and you want to impress them all. There are so many working people and parts and cogs on a wedding day.

As wedding photographers, we’re just one of the many pieces. But, we’re one of the few vendors that is with you all day long on your wedding day. And over the years, there are some things that we’ve noticed that, whether they seem like it or not, can have a big impact on your wedding day. And that brings us to today’s list. Here are the 8 things your wedding photographer wants you to know about your wedding day.

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A group photo of a bride and groom toasting with champagne just after their wedding ceremony celebration.

1. You’re getting married.

At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about, and the only thing that really matters. If cocktail hour starts late or the flower girl won’t walk down the aisle, or a button pops on your gown, those are all stressors. But ultimately? At the end of the day? Focus on what’s coming tomorrow. The beginning of the rest of your life with your person. Because that’s really the only thing that matters. And that alone, is what you should be focused on and celebrating ALL DAY LONG.

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A photo of a bride's train getting blown up in the wind on her wedding day in downtown Kansas City.

2. Things won’t go according to plan.

And that’s totally okay. Because it’s those things that don’t go according to plan that makes your wedding day unique. I think that we could maybe count on one hand the number of weddings that we’ve photographed over the years that have gone exactly to plan. But when that doesn’t happen? Don’t stress about it. Embrace it, run with it, and know that it doesn’t really matter. Because see number one. 🙂

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A photo of a bride and groom sharing their first kiss while half of the audience leans out in the aisle to take photos on their phone.

3. It’s okay to put your phone down and disconnect for a day.

In fact, please, please put your phone down. We promise, every one else around you will have their phones. And you’ll be surrounded by everyone else all day long. You’re going to want to put your attention on all of your friends, family, and your fiancé on your wedding day, not your phone. Not hiring a planner to handle everything? That’s okay. Delegate someone to be that point person and to answer your phone. They will love to help out, and you’ll be so much more relaxed if you’re not checking in on everyone very 5 minutes. (And your photos will look 10 times cleaner with no phones in them!)

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A photo of a bride getting her gown on in the background with a detailed photo of her invitation suite in the foreground.

4. Details are great. People are better.

We know, we know. You want your wedding day to LOOK perfect and for everything to go according to plan because #pinterest. But. Have you stopped to think about how you want your day to feel? We’ve seen entire wedding days thrown off because the cake cutting set got left at home on the top shelf of a closet, and the one the venue provided didn’t match the champagne toasting set. (This is a real story). Our bride postponed getting dressed, taking pictures with her bridesmaids, and even going to the church until she knew that the cake cutting set was in somebody’s hand. It added so much stress to her day, and overwhelmed her so much. She wasn’t able to focus on the people surrounding her, and all of the emotions and genuine actions that were taking place because of the cake cutting set. While that cake cutting set would have looked great at the reception and in the handful of images, our bride missed out on all of the feelings and emotions from her whole morning.

To add to this, we would much rather be photographing you and your loved ones having a great time than spending an hour to get the “perfect” ring shot that might go in your wedding album. We, personally, are fans of people. 🙂

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A photo of a bride's mom tying up the back of her corset gown on her wedding day.

5. Getting dressed takes a long time.

We’ve heard it a dozen times. “I only have to step in and zip it up!” While that may be true. Think about the time that it will take to add your undergarments, do all the little buttons up the back that cover your zipper. Add on your earrings, shoes, hairpiece, veil, an actually taking a few minutes to let everything soak in? You’re going to want more than 15 minutes dedicated to getting dressed.

This rings true for the guys too! You wouldn’t think so, but by the time they tighten their vests, figure out how to tie their ties, add in cufflinks, and those pesky pocket squares, time will fly by! Add in some extra time for the gents too – they’ll appreciate it!

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A formal black and white portrait of a groom and his groomsmen draped across the furniture of The Ambassador Hotel in downtown Kansas City on his wedding day.

6. Think about where you get ready.

This isn’t just where you’re putting your dress on, but A LOT of photos will take place there as well. Chances are you’ll see your parents there, have a few portraits taken there, and even maybe (depending on your day) your first look. We know it’s not always in the budget, but it’s still a good thing to add to the list of things to think about.

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | An intimate, candid photo of a bride and groom snuggled up on a wooden swing on the evening of their wedding at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, California.

7. You’re going to want some “us” time.

Sure, sure, you’ll be together all day. Especially if you do a first look. But, all of that time together? Will be surrounded by other people. All day long. We always recommend our couples build in about 30 minutes for just them. For some it happens after their first look or just before their ceremony. Most of our clients take the time during cocktail hour just to be alone. Make some time. You won’t regret it.

8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants you to Know | A digital mock-up of a living room with a fireplace with a series of wedding photos displayed above the mantel.

8. You’re going to love your wedding photos.

And you’re going to want to print some. Something that a lot of people don’t think about when setting their initial budget is the final goal for their wedding photos. Sure, you’ll receive a USB with all of your images. But are you really going to be happy with just that USB? You’re going to want to print some (97% of our couples do), and you’re going to want to set aside a separate budget for that. Especially when it comes to printing something for your wall, or adding on to your wedding album. Because you deserve a better way to love on your photos.

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