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Outdoorsy Summer Engagement Pictures at Powell Gardens


Someone made a comment to us the other day that they bet we get tired of going to the same locations in Kansas City for engagement pictures over and over again. We paused for a moment, well, Kyle chuckled actually, and then responded that our couples typically don’t choose the same locations over and over again. That we’re lucky enough that they all want their photos to feel a different way, and that those feelings dictate where we go for their session. And honestly? This is a 100% true statement. 

A colorful, candid picture of a man and woman laughing together as they stand in a field of green.

Which is how we wound up at Powell Gardens for Janelle and Sean’s outdoorsy summer engagement pictures. 🙂 

So often our couples will tell us that they want an engagement picture location that is full of greenery, or super outdoorsy. Janelle and Sean wanted those things, but they also wanted their photo location to be a little rustic, but not barn-like, and romantic too. As soon as we heard this unique combination of words coming out of their mouths over drinks, we knew exactly what location to recommend to them for their engagement pictures: Powell Gardens. 

  • Full of Greenery ✅
  • Outdoorsy ✅
  • Rustic, but not barn-like ✅
  • Romantic ✅

Friends. Have you ever been to Powell Gardens? 

If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth the day-trip to Kingsville. The gardens are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and ticked every single box that Janelle and Sean were looking for. There’s a full-on paved trail through the woods that makes you feel like you’re in some magical fairy forest somewhere. A greenery covered pergola that looks out over the pond at The Gardens. There are super formal gardens, wildflower gardens, vegetable gardens, their beautiful chapel for weddings, and even an old hollowed out silo with an elevator to the top. There are paved trails and trolleys all over the beautiful gardens, bathrooms, and so much information all over the park. 

We personally can’t wait to go back later this fall to take advantage of the gorgeous fall foliage that will no doubt be all over the place. 🙂 In the meantime, here’s just a peek at the gorgeousness that are the gardens. You know, featuring the incredible Janelle and Sean. 

Outdoorsy Summer Engagement Pictures at Powell Gardens  

A colorful portrait of an engaged couple sharing a kiss in the middle of a green forest during their engagement session at Powell Gardens.
A colorful portrait of an engaged couple sharing a kiss in the middle of a green forest during their engagement session at Powell Gardens.

Kansas City Engagement Picture Location | Powell Gardens

Janelle and Sean – thank you both so much for letting us create your engagement pictures! We are SO EXCITED that we finally got to check them off your list and can’t even wait to move on to move on to the next phase of wedding planning with you! 

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