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Prepping for your Summer Wedding in Kansas City


Friends, we are getting ready to head into the very hottest, most humid part of the summer here in Kansas City. And after 14 years of shooting summer weddings in Kansas City? We kind of think we’re pros at it. Around here, sharing is caring, so today, we want to share our top 8 KC Summer wedding tips and tricks with you in the hopes that it will help planning your summer wedding so much smoother and less hot. 🙂 

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KC Summer Wedding Tips & Tricks 

1. Hydrate

Drink more than you think you should or feel like all day long. And trust me, I know you’ll feel like you don’t actually want to drink water. BUT, hear me out when I say, you’ll feel so much better if you do than if you get super dehydrated on your wedding day. And during the summer in Kansas City? It’s so, SO easy to get dehydrated, especially with your mind on anything and everything wedding related. 

Bonus Tip: Keep a couple of drinks with electrolytes on hand. Gatorade or Powerade are great, but for a less sweet, more natural source we love this coconut water.

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2. Have 2 COLD bottles of water per person per hour for every hour on your party bus.

Yep, it might seem like a lot, but trust us, friends. We promise we wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction. Over the years we’ve actually seen wedding parties get on party busses in the middle of the summer with coolers full of nothing but alcohol. No water, not even a single bottle, just alcohol. And while we’re all for a good party and a good party bus experience, this doesn’t wind up being a good experience or situation for anyone. It’s a seriously good way for someone to get sick (or a lot of someones). And, it’s a seriously good way to ruin a wedding day afternoon. We’ve seen both happen. And if there had only been 1 cooler full of water? It would have been well worth the room on the party bus and would have helped so many people. 

Bonus Tip: This is our favorite cooler to keep on hand for wedding days.

A colorful, candid picture of a man drinking a can of Hams as it drips sweat on to his bride on their summer wedding day.

3. Find a shady or air conditioned spot for wedding party pictures.

That’s right, friends. Shade is your friend. Especially if you’re traveling around the city to take wedding pictures after (or before) your summer wedding ceremony. We know that everyone loves taking wedding pictures at The Kauffman Center or at Liberty Memorial, but there are two things to keep in mind with both of those spots: 1) they’re both nothing but concrete sucking up the heat, and 2) there’s very, very little shade. And with the direct summer sun we get in Kansas City? It makes it really hard for everyone to relax a little bit and enjoy themselves in photos. 

Bonus Tip: Not sure where else to take summer wedding pictures in Kansas City? Check out our favorite summer-friendly spots, right here. 

A posed wedding party portrait taken inside the ballroom at The Elms Hotel and Spa on a summer wedding day in Kansas City.

4. Try to avoid taking photos in the middle of the day when peak temperatures hit.

Instead, maybe plan an evening ceremony with photo time during golden hour. This one is hard sometimes, and we completely understand why. But, if it’s at all possible, shift your wedding ceremony to a little bit later in the day. By shifting your ceremony time to say, oh- 6:30 or 7ish instead of 3 or 4? You’ll be able to enjoy not taking your wedding photos in the middle of the day with harsh summer sunlight and peak temperatures. Just a little shift in time is all we suggest, friends.

Bonus Tip: Instead of doing your first look in the middle of the day outside under harsh sun, pick a spot where you’re getting ready, or even at your ceremony location so you can do your first look and still stay nice and cool.

A dramatic, bold silhouetted portrait of a bride and groom sharing a kiss just after sunset on their Kansas City wedding day.

5. Don’t leave your flowers out in the heat.

Super delicate blossoms wilt so quickly in the summer heat and humidity. This is one that we’re sure our florist friends will be happy to see on this list! Over the years we’ve learned that especially those more delicate blooms (think roses, lilies, hydrangea, peonies, ranunculus), if they’re out in the heat too long they’ll start to wilt quicker than heartier blooms (succulents, billy balls, carnations, chrysanthemums.). We suggest keeping your flowers and boutonnieres in a super cold car with the air conditioning pumping, and only pulling them out for a handful of photos. Especially if it’s before your wedding ceremony. If it’s after? Then it’s totally 100% okay to pull those babies out and leave them out. 

Bonus Tip: Opt for recycled, balsa wood, or faux-flowers to really beat the summer heat.

A colorful, candid picture of a man thrusting his camera in a "no" signal towards the camera during a summer wedding in Kansas City.

6. Have a makeup touch-up kit on hand and ready to go for both sides of the bridal party.

Ohhhh, this is a good one friends. And, if we’re being honest, most of the time you all are already ready with this because your fantastic makeup artists have already supplied you. But, if they haven’t? It always helps to pack a makeup touch-up kit for your wedding day. Be sure to include touch-up sponges and oil-blotters to soak up some of that excess sweat and oil that might appear on a super hot day. And for the guys? Be sure to pack oil-blotters and towels for them too. Guys get sweaty too, you know. 🙂 

Bonus Tip: These are our favorite oil blotters and makeup refreshers.

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7. Build in extra time to freshen up.

Yep, we know. This sounds kind of silly. But trust us when we say that you’ll be so grateful you’ve got a few extra minutes to refresh yourself. Too many times we’ve had couples not build in any extra time at all. And during the summer when it’s so hot? You’re going to want those few extra minutes just before family photos or your reception to touch up your makeup and cool down. 🙂 

A candid black and white picture of a bridesmaid putting lip gloss onto a bride as a friend watches.

8. Don’t forget the sunscreen

We know, we know. Nobody likes to smell like banana boat on their wedding day. And sometimes putting sunscreen on underneath your makeup just makes everything melt off. BUT. And this is a big but, friends. If you’re going to be out in the hot sunshine taking pictures the last thing you want is to arrive at your wedding ceremony looking like a lobster because you got sunburnt. Even if it’s just a super thin layer, it’s still super helpful and important to put it on. For both the ladies and the gents.

Bonus Tip: Here’s our favorite matte-finish and clear base sunscreen. I use this under my makeup for every single wedding, and I’ve never gotten a sunburn. It feels good going on, doesn’t smell like sunscreen, and gives you a nice, smooth finish. Kyle even prefers it to put on his bald head instead of anything else. 🙂 I also really love and recommend the resetting mineral powder for touchups and a little extra SPF halfway through the day. Pricey? Kind of. But oh-so-worth it.

A candid picture taken over the shoulder of a man as two of his friends look at him with worried faces.

As we’re diving into the hottest part of the summer in Kansas City with so many weddings happening, we hope these tips help you plan your day and have a better summer day wedding experience! If you think there’s anything we’re missing, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can get it added! 

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