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What we're doing about Coronavirus


Friends. First of all we hope that all of you and your loved ones are well. As humans with “at risk” loved ones of our own, we’re sending positive vibes and energy to all of you and yours. And Is it safe to say that this is an incredibly weird period of time that we’re all living in? Last week we were making cookies to bring to you for your reveals and now, we’re all about giving each other all of the space. And while we 100% completely and utterly understand and respect why these new mandates are necessary (hello flattening the curve), we’ll also be the first to admit that it’s having a huge impact on how we run our business (we love to do all the things together, in person). And it’s having a massive impact on the wedding and events industry.

We know by now you’ve probably gotten a hundred emails about what all of the companies that you give your email to are doing about the Coronavirus. Well, we thought we would post this here instead (if you’ve got something scheduled with us in the next few weeks you’re totally getting an email too. :))

Here you go, friends. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here for you.

What we’re doing about Coronavirus

All Meetings

We love you all and your VIPS (and ours of course) deeply. Because of this, we’ve decided that until further notice all of our meetings will be held virtually. FaceTime, Skype, GoogleMeet, Zoom, you name it, we’re down for it. This includes engagement planning meetings, and all reveals. We do it this way with our out of town clients anyway. When the time is right we will most definitely be doing all of this together in person again. 🙂 

Scheduled Engagement Sessions

Got an engagement session scheduled with us in the next few weeks? We’ll be in touch via email, but ultimately we feel it’s best for your health, our health, and the health of our community if we reschedule your session for another date in late May or early June.

Scheduled Weddings

Rescheduling your spring wedding day? Know that we are more than happy to transfer your retainer and entire wedding collection to a new date. Still planning on getting married  on your original date but are cutting your guest list to under 50 people? Know that we’re still down and will 100% be there. 

Trying to find new available vendors for your Wedding Day?

Yep. We know that at some point, this is something that might have to be a reality for some of you. And here’s the thing. Above all else, we’re humans. We know that this isn’t what you want to do but we want to make it as easy as we can for you. Talk to us about your budget. Ask about a smaller retainer or adjusted wedding collection. We’re more than willing to work with you to make your dream day happen if you’re coming to us from another vendor. We’re humans, we get it.

Disinfecting Breaks

On a more personal note, you’ll find that we make taken an extra few minutes here or there to wipe down our cameras, flashes, and light stands during our time together. We’re just trying to be more safe than sorry, friends. We hold those babies up to our faces and in our hands for a consistent period of time, and again, would rather be safe than sorry.

Italian Albums & Art

If you’ve been here for a hot minute, you know that all of our art, albums, and prints come from Graphistudio in Italy. This isn’t changing, friends. We’ve been in constant contact with our Graphistudio rep, and they’ve assured us that everything in the region of Italy where your family heirlooms are created is okay. Luckily, miraculously, nobody in the region where your albums are made has been impacted by the disease. All of the workers at Graphi are in good health, and are even more determined to continue producing high-quality albums and artwork in the face of this virus. If that changes we will most definitely let you know, but for now we have no doubts or fears about where your albums are coming from.

Here’s the thing, friends.

We’re not panickers but try our best not to overreact and to keep a level head. We pride ourselves on our ability to go with the flow of things. Kyle and I 100% know that there are a lot of people who this virus is impacting way worse than us. But the fact of the matter is, the events and wedding industry has taken a major blow. Worldwide and within our own backyard. Our friendor family is going through an increasingly difficult time and major loss. We’re lucky that it’s just the two of us, with only corgis, no employees and no overhead. But, a lot of our friendors have families, overhead, and employees that rely on them. The next few weeks will be absolutely devastating to their businesses. 

What you can do about Coronavirus

How can you continue to support and help this amazing group of humans? The incredibly talented and selfless group that makes dream wedding days and events happen when all events have been canceled? Here’s the shortlist.

Pay any outstanding invoices.

Even if your wedding isn’t until October, go ahead and pay off your invoice if you’ve got the money. This will help more than you know (and it’s one less thing you’ll have a to pay off 2 weeks before wedding day). Ask if you can make monthly payments. Even if it’s just a small amount, it will still help. 

Book your late summer/fall/winter/early spring vendors.

If you’re planning on getting married later this summer, fall, winter, or early next spring, still book your vendors. Especially if there are specific vendors that you want on your dream team. The retainers that you’ll put down for each vendor will help keep us all afloat until business returns to normal, and you’ll feel better about having your dream team in place already.

Buy gift cards.

From your favorite coffee shop or photographer. Ask your cake lady if she sells cake or cupcakes on the side. Add to your order from your rental company or add uplights from your DJ. If you’ve been waiting to buy engagement or wedding prints from your photographer do it now. 


A lot of our friendors (us included) will be working on putting together massive digital marketing campaigns over the next few weeks. SHARE, LIKE, AND COMMENT ON WHAT YOU SEE. That doesn’t cost a single penny and it will help get your favorite vendors more exposure and more business in the long run. Tell your best friend who just got engaged about your favorite wedding vendors and make sure she contacts them. Word of mouth referrals and sharing social media posts does more to boost a small business than you’ll ever know. 

Lastly, please be patient with us.

We know this is a huge ask, but trust us when we say that we know how big of an impact this is on your lives as well. You’ve been planning wedding day for a long, long time and having to change everything at the last minute isn’t ideal for anyone. We promise that as vendors we’re trying to figure out the very best way to help you out with everything that you need that will also still allow us all to continue to work for ourselves and run our own businesses doing what we love.

Friends. We love you all (even if we haven’t met). Now go wash your hands you filthy animals and stop touching your faces! 

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