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What to Wear for your Engagement Session


It very rarely fails, friends. We get to the end of an engagement session planning meeting, and the ultimate question gets asked. “This sounds great! But what should we wear?!” 

Yep, every single time. Where do you even begin? Sure, Pinterest is a GREAT resource for figuring out what to wear….. sometimes. But sometimes, Pinterest just doesn’t get it right. It just doesn’t hit the nail on the head. Or you’re not the typical “Pinterest” couple and don’t want to wear something that everyone else has worn.

Well, what SHOULD you wear for your engagement pictures? 

Don’t worry, friends. We’re here to help. We give the same advice to every couple when they’re trying to answer this age old question, no matter the season or location. So, today, we thought we would share it with you all as well. Normally we call these pieces of information tips and tricks, but today we’re going to call them rules. Because sometimes, there are some guidelines that everyone should follow. 🙂 

(PS – if you’re looking for Jordan and Dawsons’s Sneak Peek? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Just keep reading!) 

What to Wear for your Engagement Session 

Rule #1 | Wear what you LOVE 

Yep. Just because you’re having photos taken that are going to immortalize your relationship in this exact moment doesn’t mean you need to go shopping. In fact, depending on how you look at it, it means the exact opposite. These pictures are going to be around for generations, friends. Why would you want to wear something that you don’t like? It’s totally, 100% okay and completely acceptable to wear something that you already own, wear frequently, and absolutely LOVE. 

Rule #2 | Don’t try something new

Okay, so this kind of goes with Rule #1, which is why it’s Rule #2. Your engagement photos that are going to stick around forever? Don’t wear some new style or trend that you’ve never worn before. If you’re not a hot-pink-peplum top kind of girl on a normal basis, don’t break it out for your engagement session. If your honey isn’t a three piece suit kind of guy on a normal basis don’t make him wear one to your engagement session. 

Rule #3 | Be comfy

Trust us on this one. Wear clothes that aren’t super, super tight or that you don’t feel 100% comfortable in. The last thing you want during your session is to constantly be adjusting your wardrobe. Or, having to stand a certain, specific way to make sure that everything looks the way that it should. Wear clothes that you can move freely in. Because honestly? You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, moving, twirling, smooching, etc., and you don’t want to have to worry about your outfit moving a little bit and everything falling out of place. Plus, we want you to actually enjoy your engagement session, which results in you being 100% comfortable and confident during our time together. 

Rule #4 | Coordinate, don’t match 

We know, we know. Long gone are the ages of the infamous photos where everyone wears khakis on the bottom and white t-shirts on top. But, it can still be a little tricky figuring out what to wear for your engagement session. Coordinating colors are great. Both of you in blue tops? Ehh… unless one is navy and the other is a light, steel blue, maybe not so much. But your boo in a navy shirt and you in grey or white with blue accents? That’s perfect. You don’t have to match for your photos to look good, but it sure helps if you can accent each other and pull colors into one outfit from the one your honey is wearing. 

Rule #5 | Think “Date Night” 

So here’s the thing. This kind of goes back to Rules 1 and 2. Don’t feel like you have to have a formal outfit just because you saw it on Pinterest. In fact, unless that’s something you really, really want? It’s something we don’t recommend at all (See Rule #3). BUT, we know that you still want to look nice… so how dressy should you get? Think about your favorite date night. What kind of clothes would you wear out for that? Got it? Okay, great. Now, if it’s an outfit you love go for it and wear it to your session. Or, recreate it in something else that you love. You don’t have to go all formal, but most couples want to wear something more than jeans and a t-shirt too. “Date Night” is the perfect, happy medium. After all, these are pictures that are going to stick around for a while, which means you want them to accurately represent you two in the right now. 

Rule #6 | Think about the end goal

What are you going to do with your engagement pictures when you get them back? Believe it or not, knowing the end goal for your photos plays a big part in figuring out what to wear for your engagement session. If you’re thinking of printing them and hanging them up at home, especially in a larger size, start to think about where you’re going to hang them. And then take the colors in that room into mind when you’re planning your clothes. For instance, if you for sure want an engagement picture for above your couch? And your living room is all grays, blues, whites, and cooler tones? Your photos will look like they’re meant to be there specifically if you two are in similar cooler tones and not in reds, yellows or browns. Yes, wall colors and furniture will change over time. But the colors and tones that you’re typically drawn to? Those will likely stay the same throughout your life. Anything we make for you, we want to make sure that it fits well in your life and home. 

Rule #7 | Keep your location in mind

Okay, friends. Here’s the deal. We’re going to be really honest here. If you for sure, really, really want outdoorsy photos in a field with tall grass and lots of trees? That translates into needing to be able to hike a little bit and walk in rougher terrain. Which means the cocktail dress and heels you’ve got picked out to match your boo’s suit? Might not work so well in a field. In downtown KC, that outfit for sure works. But not necessarily in a field. When you’re planning clothes (or locations for that matter), it doesn’t hurt to think practically. Cocktail dresses in fields go grass don’t really work that well, but they do work really well in an urban, paved location. BUT – if you’ve got your mind set on an outfit that you really, truly, have to wear? Let your photographer know so you can plan locations around that outfit. Again, we want whatever we create for you to mesh with your style and life and want you to be happy with your photos. If that means changing locations to match your outfit? That’s totally cool, just let us know. 🙂 

Rule #8 | Think about the season 

Again, we’re going to be honest here. We don’t recommend shooting when it’s above 95* or below 45* because it’s just too hot or cold. But, there are lots of temperatures in between there. If it’s summertime and the humidity is high? Maybe long pants and long-sleeve shirts aren’t the best thing to wear. Your honey might get awfully hot in that three piece suit. Please pick something weather appropriate – we don’t want you to get a heat stroke! On the opposite side of that, when the weather is cooler? Think about how you can dress in layers to stay warm. Because although 50* doesn’t sound that chilly, on a cloudy, windy day, 50* is a lot colder than you think. We want you to be warm and cozy and comfortable friends. We want you to enjoy yourselves. When you’re so cold you’re shivering and have goosebumps? Or so hot that you’re soaked with sweat and don’t want to be anywhere near your boo? You’re for sure not having a good time and are a whole lot less likely to love your images when they’re finished. 

Alrighty, friends. That should just about do it. We know that figuring out what to wear for your engagement session is never easy, but hopefully this helps! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know!

A vibrant, candid picture of an engaged couple holding hands and walking through the grass against a backdrop of green trees and blue skies during their summer engagement session in Kansas City at Loose Park.

By the way, Happy Sneak Peek Jordan and Dawson!! We had so much fun with you both last week, and are so excited for you to see more of your images in just a few weeks! Thank you so, so much for letting us create your engagement pictures! Family and friends – feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their gallery as soon as it’s released at the end of June! 

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