February 20, 2020 /

West Bottoms Winter Engagement Sneak Peek


You guys, Kansas City is a cool, cool place. I mean, we’ve known it for a while now, but sometimes this growing city that we call home really amazes us. And it’s definitely safe to say that over the years we’ve fallen more and more in love with KC. Maybe it happened when we sold our house and moved downtown. Or maybe it happened when we started exploring new or up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Maybe we’re just saps for this city because it’s where we’ve met so many people that have changed our lives.

Or encouraged us to chase our dreams, or let us help them chase theirs. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that we love it here.

And on days like Sunday which are absolutely beautiful no matter where you go? This place never ceases to amaze us. Especially because there’s so much to see and do within such a small, close distance.

On Sunday we got to hang out with and make Bailey and Caleb’s engagement photos. And while the weather couldn’t have been any nicer, it was these two, in places that they love so much, that just stopped us in our tracks and forced us to take it all in.

Here’s the thing about Bailey and Caleb.

They knew exactly how they wanted their engagement photos to feel: soft, natural, peaceful, relaxed. They wanted to recognize themselves in their photos (hello, that’s always photo goal #1 around here). Bailey KNEW she wanted to go to the West Bottoms because she just loves the industrial/grungy feeling that the neighborhood is known for.

So what did we do? We hung out in the West Bottoms for a little bit, chasing sunlight and playing with shadows. Skipping over old train tracks that aren’t used anymore, dancing in the streets, and laughing. Laughing A LOT.

And when the sun started to dip down behind the buildings?

Downtown we went. You see, Bailey collects anything and everything with the Western Auto sign in it. And what’s cooler when you collect something, than having your very own, very unique piece of artwork of that very thing? And if it includes the love of your life? Well, friends. That’s just an awesome perk. 🙂

The fact that we could do both the West Bottoms and the Western Auto sign in one night to make Bailey and Caleb’s engagement photo dreams come true? Guys. It was pretty awesome. 🙂

Friends and family – we’re 100% sure you’re so excited to see more of these two lovebirds’ engagement photos. Feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks. But, in the meantime, while you wait, go ahead and check out their sneak peek, and give these two some loving. 🙂

West Bottoms Winter Engagement Sneak Peek

A candid, black and white picture of an engaged couple laughing and sharing an embrace together in Kansas City's West Bottoms neighborhood during their winter engagement session.

KC Engagement Session Location | KC West Bottoms

Bailey and Caleb – thank you both from the very bottoms of our hearts for letting us create your engagement photos! We had such a blast with you both, and while we’re sad we can’t be there on wedding day we’re so, SO grateful that we still got to hang out together. 🙂

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