June 5, 2019 /

Vibrant Summer Session Sneak Peek


Well, friends, it’s finally stopped raining in Kansas City. THANK GOODNESS!!! We’re not sure that we’ve ever been more grateful for the sunshine than we were this week. I mean, don’t get us wrong. Kyle’s had a blast storm chasing. And there’s nothing quite like a good rainy day and a big cup of coffee to edit photos. But enough is enough, Mother Nature!! Needless to say we were so excited for the rain to stop around here.

Especially because it meant we finally got to photograph Valeria and Chris’ engagement session – yay!!! 

These two have to be two of the most patient human beings ever. (I feel like that’s just in their nature anyway). BUT. Because of all the rain we’ve gotten lately? We had to reschedule their engagement session three times. And then schedule two new back-up dates, and pick the one that we thought might work best the day before. Talk about being troopers and super flexible.

Throughout the whole thing Chris and Valeria were so understanding (I mean, we can’t boss Mother Nature around). And for that we are so, SO grateful. So can we talk for just a minute about how we somehow landed a GORGEOUS evening?! The ground was dry enough for Valeria and Chris to bring out their sweet pup, Murphy. We had a BEAUTIFUL sunset. And a great breeze to keep things nice and cool.

And Valeria and Chris… man, you guys.

We probably could have stopped shooting after the first 15 minutes and still filled a whole gallery with these two. Talk about naturals. One of our favorite things about engagement sessions is seeing how our couples love each other. The little grins and laughs. The tickling, whispers, and stolen kisses. And these two? They’re just magic together. I wish I could just bottle it up and open on a rainy day to make the world a brighter, happier, more loving place. They’ve got it going on fo sho.

Well, here you go, friends. Happy Sneak Peek!!

Vibrant Summer Session Sneak Peek

A candid picture of an engaged couple bending down to laugh and play with their dog during their vibrant summer session at Swope Park in Kansas City.

Engagement Picture Location | Swope Park

We know, we know. The sneak peek is great but you want to SEE MORE!! Well, family and friends, we hear you. Feel free to pre-register to see Chris and Valeria’s gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks! We know you’re probably just as excited to see their photos as they are!

Valeria and Chris – thank you so much for letting us create your engagement photos!! We had so much fun with you both and LOVED getting to meet and love on Murphy! We are SO EXCITED for you to see the rest of your photos so soon!!

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