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The Secret to Genuine, Carefree, Candid Engagement Pictures


I’m sure you’ve realized by now that engagement sessions are something we talk about a lot around here. Where to go, how to prep, what to do with your photos, etc. We could talk about anything and everything engagement session related for DAYS. And today is no exception. You see, friends, today we’re going to share something super special with you. It’s the secret to genuine, carefree, candid engagement pictures. 

Is there actually a secret? Yes. 100%. You didn’t just think that you showed up in nice clothes and your photographer created magic, did you? 

Okay, maybe we do that too. 🙂 

But, yes, there is actually a secret formula that you can use and put in to practice to get those genuine, carefree, candid engagement pictures that you see alllll over Pinterest and Instagram. The catch is that everyone’s secret formula is probably a little bit different. God knows ours is definitely a little more “different” than a lot of other photographers. But instead of focusing too much on ourselves today, we’re going to focus on some of the bigger, overarching pieces to the secret formula. And we’re going to share a sneak peek from Kayla and Scott’s engagement session. Because, you know, that’s just how we are. 🙂 

The Secret to Genuine, Carefree, Candid Engagement Pictures 

1. Trust your Photographer

Okay, this might seem like an obvious one. But there’s a reason it’s at the top of the list. To get those gorgeous, carefree engagement photos that you want so badly? You have to 100% trust your photographer. There’s a reason you hired them to capture our biggest day, let them work their magic their way. Trust that they know what they’re doing. Even if they ask you to do something a little…..off-kilter…. still trust that they’re the pro. They know the best locations, the best times to shoot, what to wear, the best “poses” and everything else. We promise, put your faith in their professionalism and expertise and you won’t be disappointed. 

2. Try to forget about the Camera

Oh you better believe this is a hard one. It was even hard for us when we had photos taken. But it’s oh-so-important. You have to try to forget about the camera, friends. 99% of us don’t walk around all day pandering to a camera, and your engagement session should be no different. Of course every now and again your photographer will likely want you to look at the camera, but trust us. Do your best to forget that it’s even there. 

3. Go with the crazy

Okay, so this goes pretty much hand-in-hand with “Trust Your Photographer,” but we decided to give it it’s own heading anyway. Why? Well, simply put, you can trust your photographer to take nice photos. But if you don’t go with their brand of crazy? Or even try to? There’s no way in hell you’re going to get the photos that you really, truly want. Every single photographer out there has their own way of getting their couples to really open up during their photo session. Some of those ways may be a little unconventional. But if you can’t go with their crazy? You likely won’t get what you want from your session. So sure, if they ask you to close your eyes and stand in the middle of the street, you might confirm that they’re going to be watching you. But then go for it. If they ask you to moonwalk backwards until you bump into each other you should do it. That’s the only way you’ll be able to get the genuine, carefree, candid engagement pictures that you so dearly want. 

4. Focus on your honey

Especially, especially when you get nervous. Or if you’re shooting in a public place. Focus on your honey. Spend your time getting lost in each others’ eyes instead of caught up in everything going on around you. We promise, your photographer’s got your back. And, in all honesty? Your boo-thang is the main reason that the two of you are there. 

5. Be open

This is a biggie. And it kind of goes with Numbers 1 and 3. In order to really get those gorgeous, genuine, carefree and candid engagement pictures? You have to be open. It’s an absolute must. You can’t take yourselves too seriously or think that you’re above the task that your photographer has asked you to do. Go with it. Be open, trust them. Because here’s the thing. If you think you’re “too good” or “too responsible” or “too adult” or “too cool” to do what your photographer is asking you to do? You’ll see it written all of your faces when you see your photos. Plus, during your session? Instead of being able to actually capture you and your honey in your element? Your photographer will have to focus more on coming up with something new for you to do that “might” work to “maybe” get the photos you want instead of sticking to what they “know” will work to for sure get the photos that you want. And trust us. You want your photographer to be able to fully dedicate your time together to creating for you, not trying to entertain you or making you want to be there. 

And now, friends, WE ARE SO EXCITED to share a sneak peek with you from Kayla and Scott’s engagement session.

These two lovebirds quite possibly picked the most perfect evening ever for their engagement session. Sure, it was nice and warm. But it wasn’t too hot. And there was a nice, cool breeze that kept giving Kayla that gorgeous “wind-blown” hair look. It was quite simply a WONDERFUL evening. Family and friends, we’re sure you’re so excited to share more from these two lovebirds. Feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few weeks! 

A genuine, carefree, candid engagement picture taken at sunset at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts during a summer engagement session in Kansas City.

PS – Kayla and Scott? They followed all of the “guidelines” above. And their photos? Heck, friends. Even though this is the first one they’ve seen we can 100% promise you that they are absolutely, 150% the most beautiful, genuine, carefree, candid engagement pictures ever. And we already know that they are 100% “Kayla and Scott.” 

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