March 11, 2019 /

The Abbott 1920’s Styled Shoot


Woohoo!!! We finally get to release this styled shoot we did a few weeks ago at The Abbott! AND WE ARE SO EXCITED!! Even more so than our usual excitement. Why are we so excited?! Well, we like styled shoots anyway. And we love working with Stephanie from Pretty + Planned Events. Plus we’ve always wanted to work with Savvy Bridal and do a shoot at The Abbott. And this shoot happened before a masquerade ball that we got to get all dressed up for too. So that’s all very exciting.

BUT. The main reason we’re so stinking excited?! This was the very, very first full shoot that we did with our brand-spanking new mirror-less Sony camera gear. Why is that so exciting? Well, because we’ve been Canon shooters ever since we began photographing. (If you really want numbers like 13 years now – yikes!).

Earlier this spring we made the decision to switch everything to Sony. And trust us, that’s not a decision that was made lightly. It’s not like just adding a new camera body to our arsenal. It’s changing an entire way of life and how we know shooting. Why make the switch then? Technology, image quality, the future of cameras, to lighten our load, we could go on and on. Our entire industry is essentially at a tipping point with camera gear. Do you remember all those years ago when film cameras went away and everyone started using digital cameras? Well, we’re at that point again, where everyone will slowly start moving from DSLR cameras to mirror-less.

Why did we make the decision to switch now?

Our wedding season doesn’t start until the end of April, so by changing gear now we’ve got plenty of new time to master the new gear and all of the AMAZING technology it has to offer. And, as many of you know, after the Two-Mann Metanoia workshop we attended in December, the way we shoot has been changing. And this smaller, lighter, better performing gear is going to help us with those changes too.

So why do you care? Eh – you don’t really need to. Just know that the images that you’re going to see from us are going to have a much, much better quality, especially when printed.

Okay, okay, we get it. The main reason you clicked on this blog post was not to see us nerd out over camera gear. We know you want to see the gorgeous styled shoot pictures. Why did we do a styled shoot? This year we were asked to photograph Perfect Wedding Guide’s 5th Annual Masquerade Ball. It’s essentially a big party for all of the Kansas City wedding vendors. Since there were so many vendors putting in such hard work before the ball, Stephanie from Pretty + Planned Events asked us if we would do a styled shoot too! So of course we said yes! And friends, how gorgeous is our model, Melissa? She’s so sweet!!!

The Abbott 1920’s Styled Shoot

Thank you, thank you, thank you to this amazing vendor dream team for letting us put our creative juices (and new cameras) to work! We can’t wait to work with you all again!

Styled Shoot Vendor Dream Team

Event Planner | Pretty + Planned Events

Venue | The Abbott

Videographer | Taylor’d Weddings

Hair & Makeup | White Carpet Bride

Florals | Heart + Soul Floral

Photography | Rivas Photography

Signage Decor | Script Your Event

Gown | Savvy Bridal Boutique  

Rentals & Décor | Marquee Event Rentals

Stationary | The Prettiest Pixel

Car | Pech Limousine

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