November 9, 2020 /

SMP Fall Engagement Session


Hello, hello, friends! And Happy Monday! We’re so excited to be back with two familiar faces for you today. And, two stinking adorable, lovable, cuddly faces for you too! Welcome, friends, to Chloe and John-Michael’s SMP Fall Engagement Session. AKA engagement session part 2. 

A very vibrant, close picture of an engaged couple in fall sweaters bending down and petting and scratching their black and white Bernadoodle puppies against a floor of orange and red leaves during their SMP Fall Engagement Session.

Why part 2? 

Well, to be honest, Chloe and JMT had a hell of a time getting their engagement session done earlier this summer. They had originally scheduled for mid-April before it got too hot outside. But then, you know, lockdowns. Then they rescheduled for mid-May. But you know, still lockdowns, and add in some protests. Then they rescheduled again for June. But the week of their session? It wound up being 100* + that week. So they willingly rescheduled their sunset engagement session for a 6 am sunrise session. 

The whole time, their plan was to get photos done in time to send out save the dates for their December wedding. AND to get a few photos with their new Bernadoodle puppy, Quill. Which, TBH, is why we kept rescheduling. But, as you all know, 2020 has had other plans in store for EVERYONE this year. 

And so, JMT and Chloe went ahead with their summer morning engagement session. 

But we all still wanted to do photos with Quill AND to get a sunset for them. So we set up another session for them this fall. And come fall? After a few more rescheduled sessions because of rain and cold weather, we finally, FINALLY got these two back in front of our cameras. AND Quill got to come hang out too. 

If we’re being honest? 

It’s probably a really, really good thing we waited to do their photos with Quill. Because Quill got a little sister just a few weeks ago, Marvel, who now also got to be in engagement photos. 🙂 Friends. You KNOW we LOVE loving on your fur babies during engagement photos. They’re such a big part of your lives, and it’s always a complete honor. And Quill and Marvel? You guys. They might just be two of the most loveable pups we’ve ever met. And they were so stinking good during JMT and Chloe’s SMP fall engagement session. 

As far as rescheduling and postponing, and pushing sessions back, Chloe and John-Michael might be two of the most patient humans we know. Rescheduling isn’t something that we take lightly since we know that you always put in lots of plans and preparations for your session day. We always tell our couples that we want your experience having your photo taken to be just as good as the end product. And when it’s crazy-stupid hot, or super rainy and you want to include your dog? We’ll always be honest with you and give you the option to reschedule. We want having photos taken to be a good experience, not a nightmare that you never want to think about again. 🙂 

SMP Fall Engagement Session 

A colorful, close-up picture of an engaged couple, the mans arms wrapped around the woman's shoulders as he leans in to give her a kiss during their SMP fall engagement session in Kansas city.

Kansas City Engagement Session Location | Shawnee Mission Park 

Happy Sneak Peek part 2, Chloe and John-Michael! We are SO EXCITED to share more with you so soon!! Thank you both so much for your patience and for letting us love on your sweet pups! 

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