January 5, 2020 /

Rainy December Wedding Sneak Peek


You know, sometimes life just doesn’t turn out how you expect it to. Even when you’re wedding planning. Oh who are we kidding. Especially when you’re wedding planning.

Take Payton and Andrew’s wedding day. These two got married on December 28. When they picked their date? They expected it to be pretty chilly. Maybe even downright frigid. Snow on the ground? Maybe. But they were bound and determined to embrace anything and everything Kansas City weather might throw at them on their winter wedding day.

But a warm, humid, rainy wedding day at the end of December? With temperatures hitting records in the upper sixties and so much rain that you couldn’t take two steps outside with an umbrella without getting soaked? That one they didn’t expect.

If we’re being honest we don’t think any of us expected it.

But you know what? It did indeed rain like cats and dogs on Payton and Andrew’s wedding day. And it was so incredibly humid that it was almost downright steamy. Which is crazy to think about, in Kansas City, at the end of December.

Let’s just say, thank goodness for infallible love and clear umbrellas.

Because these two? And every last one of their amazing family members and friends braved the rain. And 150% completely embraced it. Whether it was to run across the street for wedding party pictures, dropping family members off right at the overhang of The Station and even not minding a little dance in the rain, everyone embraced the crazy weather.

These two had some of the most fun, ridiculous VIPS we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. They had Payton and Andrew’s back through it all. We’re pretty sure that half of them had teary eyes during their ceremony, and they all completely filled the dance floor all night long. Literally.

And Payton and Andrew? We’re pretty dang sure they had the best rainy day wedding ever.

Friends and family – we know just how excited you are to see more from Payton and Andrew’s big day! Feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks!

Rainy December Wedding Sneak Peek

A candid black and white picture of a bride and groom with clear umbrellas running down a set of stairs at The Kansas City Convention Center in the rain on their December wedding day in Kansas City.

Wedding Picture Location | Downtown Kansas City

Payton and Andrew – THANK YOU both so much for letting us create your wedding day photos! We are so stinking excited to share more with you just as quickly as we can!

Can’t wait to see more from these two amazing humans? Check out their super fun fall engagement session at Mizzou here.

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