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Our Favorite Summer Date Nights


Whether we want to admit it or not, friends, summer is officially here. I think we’re all still trying to wrap our heads around what kind of a summer we might possibly have in front of us. Especially since the weather guys and gals are all saying that it’s going to be a warmer than usual summer. If you’re anything like us, you’re so stinking sick and tired of being stuck at home. Anybody else feel the same way? Who’s ready for a date night?!?!

But the catch? 

It’s finding something that we can do, while social distancing outside of our homes that doesn’t necessarily require us to wear a mask. Oh, who are we kidding. Even if we have to wear a mask you know we’re down. But if through all of that we can also find a way to support small businesses and get a little bit of a “normal” date night? We’re totally in. 

So, today we thought we would share some of our very favorite summer date nights. We tried to make most of them Coronavirus-friendly, but, you know, there are a few classics that absolutely have to go on the list. 🙂 

Our Favorite Summer Date Nights 

Ice Cream & Mini Golf | We LOVE this mini-golf course in Parkville! 

Movie  – drive in or theater | Whatever floats your boat and is open. 🙂 And, you know, whichever theater is your favorite. We love the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet as well as the AMC Dine-In Prairiefire (Formerly Cinetopia) in Overland Park and the new B&B Theatres in Liberty.  

Hike a new trail | This is one of our favorites, but we also like using the AllTrails app to discover new places to hike. 

Make a new dinner & eat outside | Lately we’ve been digging Half Baked Harvest recipes. (Want something lighter? Check out Skinnytaste.) But friends. But heck. You could even just warm up leftovers and go outside! 

Have a picnic at your favorite park | Pick up your favorite take-out if you don’t feel like cooking, or put together a charcuterie board to go, and head to a nice shady spot to just enjoy being outside. Here are some of our favorite parks in the city.

Kate Smith Soiree’s Macaroon Making Class | Friends. Have you had Kate’s macaroons yet?! If not you need to make that happen ASAP. You can find her at the Lenexa Public Market. But the really cool thing? She teaches classes on how to make them at home. AND she’s adapted her classes to be social-distant friendly. 

Canoe at Shawnee Mission Lake before sunset | Sunset is BEAUTIFUL at Shawnee Mission Park. And who doesn’t love floating out in the water with a cool breeze catching sunset? 

Royal’s Game | Enough said. We might not get to experience this year, but we’re firm believers that treasured Royals games will for sure be back next year. 

Take-out Daiquiris from KC Daiquiri Shop | You guys. Have you tried this place yet? Our windows overlook their shop, and EVERY DAY during stay-at-home orders this place was popping. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t tried this yet, get your booties over there! 

Cocktails on a patio in KC | Here a patio, there a patio, pick a patio. There are SO MANY great patios in KC, you guys. And what turns a lack-luster Wednesday evening into a date night better than a drink and apps on a patio? Not much. Harry’s in River Market and Tannin Wine Bar are two of our favorite outside patios to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company on. 

Walk on the plaza with ice cream from Ice Cream Bae | Does it get more Kansas City than this? We’re pretty sure no. Especially with Ice Cream Bae involved. Even if you’re not shopping, you know there’s going to be good people watching. Switch things up and go down to the sidewalks by Brush Creek for your stroll It’s normally pretty quiet and not super busy. Catch it at sunset and it’s just GORGEOUS. 

First Fridays | So here’s the deal. First Fridays is a little different than it “normally” is, but what isn’t right now? If you have yet to experience this classic KC date night, make it a priority this summer. Go grab drinks, visit a gallery, hop in line at a food truck, and just wander the Crossroads District taking in all of the AMAZING artists our city is home to. 

Explore City Market & Delaware Street | So here’s the thing about City Market. You can have date “morning” and hit it on a traditional Saturday morning to grab locally grown all the things and to get breakfast and coffee at City Market Coffee. Or, you could hit it on an afternoon or evening and stick to Delaware street for dinner at The Farmhouse and ice cream at Betty Rae’s. You just can’t go wrong. 

Try a new brewery or winery | Friends. There are just so, SO many new places to try. Have you been to Amigoni Urban Winery yet? What about Casual Animal Brewing Company? They’re two of our FAVORITES and are both so unique for date night tasting!

And now, friends, for a sneak peek!

These two lovebirds literally had the worst luck getting their engagement session done. Not because we were being difficult, but because everything else in the world seemed up against them. You see, we originally had their session scheduled for mid-April. But then, you know, Coronavirus and stay-at-home orders were still in place. Then we rescheduled them for the middle of May, not too long after everything started opening up again. But then, they got hit by a bad quarantine+mask haircut. And in the weeks following? It heated up to nearly 100* every evening and protesting was happening all over the city. And at that point all of us agreed that maybe we should wait a week or two. 

But finally, FINALLY, Chloe and John-Michael got their engagement session done – yay!! It may have been at 6 am on a weekday morning, but believe us when we say it was literally the most perfect morning ever. EVER. We even got goosebumps from the nice, cool breeze. 

Happy Sneak Peek, John-Michael and Chloe! We can’t wait to share more with you so soon! 

A warm, candid, intimate photo of a man embracing his fiance from behind as he kisses her on the cheek during their summer sunrise engagement session outside the Kansas City Museum.

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