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Our Favorite KC Parks for Engagement Sessions

“Guess who’s back… back again?!” Friends…. are you sick of us yet this week? We sure hope not, because we are back again with another sneak peek for you! This time from Erika and William’s engagement session. While we were working on pulling and editing their photo, we got to thinking about where we shot their photos. Their one requirement? Lots of green. So today, as we share their sneak peek, we thought we would also share our favorite KC Parks for engagement sessions that we recommend when a couple wants “greenery.” 

It seems like every other year or so our couples shift from what they want their background for photos to be. Last year, we did alll the downtown/Crossroads/modern photo locations. This spring and summer? It’s been all about the greenery for everyone. And if we’re being honest, as artists we can only go to the same spots to do a similar type of thing so many times before we want to pull our hair out. Okay, you’re right. Kyle’s already bald. How about we say before we want to pull our fingernails out? 

How do we mange all of those expectations for “green” photos without going crazy? 

Easy – we recommend a different spot to go to based on the type of greenery that our couple wants. 🙂 Which is why we have a big old board that we use with all of our favorite photo locations on it. And on that board? Is a big old list of our favorite KC Parks for engagement sessions. Because honestly, there are SO MANY and we love them all for completely different reasons. Are you ready? Because here we go…. 

Our Favorite KC Parks for Engagement Sessions

Loose Park

Loose Park is right in the middle of the city. And there are so many different aspects of it to take advantage of! From the gorgeous rose gardens and trellis, to the pond with the fountain and bridges, and even the big, open rolling hills, this park just about has something for everyone. We love going to Loose Park as a secondary location, or even as a spot to meet our couple and their dogs for a little romp in the grass before moving on to another spot. 

The Sculpture Park at The Nelson

Yes, the Nelson might only be a few blocks away from Loose Park, but the two are so incredibly different. This park is perfect for the couple that wants nice, manicured greenery that’s a little bit more dense and lush. The super tall, closely grown trees provide all kinds of gorgeous light leaks to play with. The paved path that runs through the park makes just about everything accessible. The bonus? It’s a 2-for-1 location, meaning you can shoot all of the architecture and columns up top, and then change clothes and head down into the lawn to catch all of that greenery. 

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial might not be as obvious, but we still LOVE it for green. If we need something really, super simple, the lines of trees on the west side of the park are our go-to. Not to mention Liberty Memorial sits at one of the highest points in the city. Which mean if you’re looking for a great sunset and greenery spot? This is it. 

Wyandotte County Lake Park

Okay, so this is a new addition to our list as of last week. We’re always trying to add new locations in various parts of the city to our list. And this is perfect for our couples on the KCK side. With its beautiful lake and treed shoreline, and the hills that wrap around it? There are just SO MANY gorgeous spots to take advantage of at Wyandotte County Lake Park! And it’s not hard to find a good, private spot as well if you don’t want to be around anyone. We’ll definitely be heading back here soon! 

Shawnee Mission Park

Of course Shawnee Mission Park is going to be on our list! Not only is it HUGE, but it’s got a little bit of something for everyone. There are parts of it that are manicured and BEAUTIFUL, and parts of it that are full of tall, wild grass and paths through the trees. You’ve got water, a great spot for sunset, and all kinds of different greenery to take advantage of. The only catch is that it’s a popular spot for photographers, so be prepared to maybe have to wait your turn or go on an off-day. 

Swope Park

Swope Park is one of our secret hidden gems in the city. Most people don’t think about it for greenery, but it’s one of our very favorite KC parks for engagement sessions. Especially because if you head up the driveway to go to the golf course? There are so many beautiful shady, huge trees and rock walls to take advantage of. We recommend using Swope Park as a secondary location normally, but because it’s got so many great features (hello pond and other manicured spots), you can do your whole session there if you want to. 

(PS – Fun Fact! That picture of the couple at sunset on Swope Park’s home page? We took that of our sweet couple Matt and Monica about 3 years ago now!)

Powell Gardens

Okay, so Powell Gardens might not be in KC proper, but it’s still worth the trip. Especially if you love all things outdoors. Tall grass, a “forest” feel, manicured lawns and flower beds, and of course, the pond. Powell Gardens is one of our very, very favorite locations when a couple wants to get off the beaten path and just take their time during their session. 

Well, there you have it, friends. Our very favorite KC Parks for engagement sessions. Hopefully this helps out the next time you’re searching for a beautiful, green-filled space for your photos. 🙂

Now. On to William and Erika. Drumroll please….!

A vibrant, candid picture of an engaged couple at one of our favorite Kansas City parks, Liberty Memorial, gripping each others hands and laughing uncontrollably together, nose to nose during their Kansas City Engagement Session.

Friends – thank you so, so, SO MUCH for letting us create your engagement pictures! We are so stinking excited for you to see the rest. You two were an absolute blast to work with and we can’t thank you enough for going with our “crazy” during your session. Friends and family – feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks! We promise not to keep you waiting too long! 

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