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Nighttime Engagement Session Sneak Peek


Let’s talk for a minute about gut instincts. What? On a wedding photography blog?

Heck yeah. (And would you expect anything different from us?!) Because following your gut is totally a thing. Whether you realize it or not your gut is probably talking to you ALLLLL the time. It helps you make super-important decisions. It leads you in the right direction and either comforts you, or makes you feel really, really uncomfortable about something. It’s probably one of the leading factors that led you to going out on that first date with your boo, now your fiancé.

Following your gust instinct is one of our biggest pieces of advice that we share with planning couples. Which sounds silly, in relation to wedding planning. But there are often so many outside voices and opinions that sometimes you lose track of your own.

So listen to your gut. It will never lead you wrong.

Kyle’s gut instinct? It’s 98% right. I can think of maybe 2 times in our 11 years together that it’s been a little off. My gut instinct, on the other hand, chimes in at various levels. Most of the time it’s right, but not nearly as accurate as Kyle’s gut instinct. My gut instinct is also a little over-irrational (go figure), which makes me want to follow ALLL the rules and always ask for permission.

The really, really fun thing about having a PIC whose gut instinct is the complete opposite of yours?

It pushes you to do things that you would otherwise not do. (I’m sure some of you know exactly how I feel.)

You know, like standing in the middle of a busy street with a couple (who’s followed their guts to choose us as their wedding and engagement photographers) in the dark, just to get “the shot.”  (Mitch and Irene’s guts were totally fine, by the way).

I may have been silently freaking out. But these two? Cool as cucumbers. So excited to play in the street. And so insanely patient with us as we worked to get it just right. So they could have something unlike anybody else in the city. Because you know that’s always our goal. To tell your story like nobody else can. Something that’s truly authentic to you.

(PS – for all you worry warts, whenever we’re in the street, with clients, especially at night, one of us is always on watch while the other shoots. We would never, NEVER put our couples in harms way.)

So, Irene and Mitch. Thanks for trusting your guts when you chose us to be your wedding photographers. And when you agreed to play in the street in the dark with us to make your engagement photos. But most of all for putting your trust in us as human beings to bring your story to life. That’s pretty cool, and not something we take lightly.

Nighttime Engagement Session Sneak Peek

An vibrant, bold picture of an engaged couple standing in the middle of Main Street in Kansas City during their nighttime engagement session, sharing an embrace and kiss with the KC skyline visible in the background.

KC Engagement Picture Location | Main Street, KCMO

To Irene and Mitch’s family and friends – we know you’re probably so excited to see more from their engagement session! We can’t wait to share more with you (and them) in just a few short weeks!! Feel free to pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released!

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