October 23, 2018 /

Nelson Atkins Fall Engagement Sneak Peek


Can we tell you something? We’re going to bare our souls a little bit here. We care about you. And we genuinely care about your relationships and marriage. It’s why we always encourage date nights. And to go with what feels right. But most of all it’s why we always encourage you to remember what’s important in the long run: your relationship and marriage. Because really – your wedding day is only a day. And while it’s a BIG day, what comes after that is so much more important.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what comes after the wedding day. And that’s something that we totally get. With all of the plans and contracts and money moving around and all of the details to wrap up, it’s easy to lose track of why you’re actually planning. There are so many other people’s opinions and voices thrown into your relationship during this time that sometimes it’s easy to forget what everything is really about.

We don’t ever like to tell our couples what they “need to do” or “should be doing.” But in this case? We feel okay about it. Because you should always put your relationship with your partner first, especially when things get crazy. Because when it’s all really said and done, you two are what’s left. Your marriage. And that’s what you’re really should be celebrating every step of the way.

That’s why we were so glad to do a mini-session with Marah and Carl. It’s one more celebration of them and their relationship on their way to getting married. But the catch about this celebration? It was just about them and what they wanted. We had an absolute blast with these two. And getting to watch them love on each other and cherish each other just warms us through to our souls. (And we really hope you enjoyed your tacos and margaritas after our time together!)

Nelson Atkins Fall Engagement Sneak Peek

Nelson Atkins Fall Engagement Sneak Peek | Rivas Photography | A dramatic portrait of an engaged couple dressed in black and blue standing against a corner of the Bloch Building at Kansas City's Nelson Atkins Museum of Art holding hands during their sunset engagement session.

Kansas City Engagement Session Location | The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Friends and family – feel free to pre-register to see ALL of the gorgeousness from Marah and Carl’s session once it’s released! Marah and Carl will see their images in about two weeks, and you’ll get an email that their gallery has been released a few days after that! In the meantime – enjoy your sneak peek!

Marah and Carl – we love you both. We’re so glad you’re celebrating your relationship and what’s important in life. And we can’t wait for you to see ALL of the images from your session! We have so many new favorites and can’t wait to see what you love!

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