October 24, 2020 /

Moody Fall Engagement Sneak Peek


We’re not gonna lie, friends. When Loryn and Cole’s engagement session day rolled around, we were pretty nervous. You see, it was rainy and dark and cloudy, and 100% dreary. A little chilly and pretty foggy. Not normally “good” photo weather. I mean, we can totally do moody fall engagement photos, but we also want to make sure that our couples actually enjoy themselves.  Normally we would recommend that our couple rescheduled for another day.

A vibrant, moody picture of an engaged couple in Chief's jerseys sharing an embrace in front of Arrowhead Stadium in the background of an image, with a football visible in the foreground of the image during a moody fall engagement session in Kansas city.

But Loryn and Cole? 

They took time off work to drive all the way to Kansas City from Wichita for their engagement photos. Which meant the pressure was on since these two couldn’t easily reschedule. These two lovebirds wanted outdoorsy, full of fall leaves and color, and wilderness. And Cole specifically wanted a few photos outside Arrowhead Stadium. You guys, the weather was so dang murky and almost a little gross. 

When Loryn and Cole showed up to their first location? They were over the moon excited, despite the dreary, moody weather. You see, Loryn is originally from the Pacific Northwest and LOVES cooler, dreary days because it reminds her of home. And Cole? He runs hot and HATES humidity and hot weather. 

You guys, even though we weren’t so sure? These two amazing humans brought so much sunshine and happiness to an otherwise dreary, moody, fall day. We’re pretty sure they laughed for 90% of their engagement session, teasing and tickling, giving each other hell as only they can do. They trekked through the woods with us, climbed a few small cliffs, and had big smiles on their faces the whole dang time. 

And when we finally got to Arrowhead? 

Man, the fog really set in, and it was misting (again), and just kinda gross. But these two? Changed into their Chiefs jerseys, broke out the football, and had the time of their lives playing catch, touchdown-dancing, and playing catch in the parking lot in front of one of their favorite places on earth.

Family and friends – we know that you love these two lovebirds. And we know that you’re so excited that they’re finally engaged and wedding planning…. Which means that we know just how excited you are to see more of their engagement images! Feel free to pre-register to see more of their photos as soon as they’re done in just a few short weeks! 

Moody Fall Engagement Sneak Peek 

A dark and moody portrait of an engaged couple standing on a cliffside in fall sweaters, surrounded by green leaves and trees during their moody fall engagement session in Kansas City.

KC Engagement Picture Location | Swope Park

Loryn and Cole – thank you both so much. Thank you for bringing the sunshine to an absolutely dreary fall day, for being so excited for your session, and of course for trusting us to make your engagement photos! You two managed to make us completely fall in LOVE with moody fall engagement sessions – something we never thought we would say! We absolutely cannot wait to share more with you so soon!

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