April 10, 2021 /

Moody Engagement Session Sneak Peek


Sometimes, friends, no matter how excited we are for something and no matter how much positive thinking and planning we do, things don’t turn out the way we expect them to. I feel okay saying this at the beginning of Arica and Sami’s moody engagement session sneak peek post because I feel like they’ll 100% agree with me. 🙂 

A dramatic black and white picture of a woman holding a man's hand, leading him across the horizon against a backdrop of cloudy, stormy skies during their moody engagement session in Kansas City at Liberty Memorial.

You see, within the last month alone, we have had to reschedule their engagement session three times. Yes, we willingly fessed up to it. Rescheduling meetings and sessions is NEVER something that we like to do. We avoid it as much as we can. But somehow, for whatever reason, every time these two lovebirds picked a date, Mother Nature decided to throw a wrecking ball in the form of wind or rain our way. 

And so, after yet another few days of rain this week when we finally got to Wednesday and it looked like the rain might stop that evening? 

We were SO STINKING EXCITED for Arica and Sami’s engagement session. 

I mean, not only were we finally, FINALLY  going to get to meet these two amazing humans in person (thanks COVID), but we were finally, FINALLY going to get to pick up our cameras again and create. And so we charged all of our batteries, cleared all of our cards, and packed our camera bag, patted the corgis on their heads and headed to Liberty Memorial to meet Arica and Sami. 

And then the rain turned into mist. The wind picked up. It got cold. And even windier. 

Let me say, friends, that we would never, ever “make” a couple go forward with their session in crap weather. But shooting in a little bit of rain or chilly weather totally doesn’t bother us. Let me also say, that we’re always, always more than happy to shoot in whatever Mother Nature throws at us. (Just check out Holly and Evan’s rainy outside wedding ceremony). 

And so when Arica and Sami decided they wanted to move forward with their session? We were game.

We kept these two moving and laughing and snuggling. We found spots to stay out of the wind, and the misting stopped, so we thought we would be okay. But you guys, Mother Nature just didn’t release; the wind got even worse and it still got colder. And so, after about 45 minutes of shooting, we all decided to hit “pause” on their engagement session, and to pick up on another day. Because even though we could have kept shooting? We wanted Arica and Sami to have a good memory and experience of their engagement session. We wanted them to actually enjoy themselves having their photo taken, which is so much more important than anyone ever thinks it is. And, because as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan. And that’s totally okay.

Why am I telling you this story like I am?

Well, to be honest? Because as much as we all wanted their engagement session to happen the way we all wanted it to? (And believe us – we were SO EXCITED for their engagement session and to get to hang out with them!) It just wasn’t going to. Instead, these two lovebirds wound up with some crazy-cool, completely unexpected moody engagement session pictures from our time together. We are so excited to finish their engagement session (on a much sunnier, less rainy day) later this week. 

But until then, we wanted to go ahead and release a few sneak peeks for these two. Because even though their session day didn’t go as planned? We still got some crazy-cool images. 🙂 

Moody Engagement Session Sneak Peek

A candid, colorful picture of an engaged couple leaning in, nose to nose, with big smiles on their faces during their moody engagement session at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.

Kansas City Engagement Picture Location | Liberty Memorial 

Happy Sneak Peek, Arica and Sami! We can’t wait to finish your session this week!

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