April 15, 2021 /

Loose Park Spring Engagement Sneak Peek


Friends. Meet Kirsten and Brandon. And their sweet pups, Ziggy and Bartlet. We’re so excited to share their Loose Park Spring Engagement Sneak Peek with you! 

A candid black and white picture taken through a round fencing of an engaged couple holding on to each other and leaning in to share a kiss during their spring engagement session on The Plaza in Kansas City.

Kirsten and Brandon met on Bumble in the fall of 2019. The way Kirsten tells it, she spent a whole year on Bumble just waiting for Brandon to show up. And when he did? He was only on Bumble for 5 minutes before they matched. 🙂 

These two knew pretty much immediately that they’d found their person. 

Within months of meeting each other, they went to the Superbowl together, planned and went on a vacation, moved in, and, eventually, got locked down together too. Which meant working from home together, and continuing to date, while locked down at home. 

During lockdown they added Bartlet to their family, a crazy-sweet pup to keep 8 year old Ziggy company. This was just one of the many memories they wrote down and put in a memory jar they had decided to keep not too long after they started dating. You see, the plan was to write down all of their favorite memories they made together, and then at the end of the year they would sit down and go through the jar together. 

Little did Kirsten know that this sweet little jar was also how Brandon planned to propose. As these two lovebirds were going through all of their 2020 memories together, Kirsten reached in and pulled one out that said “That time Kirsten and Brandon got engaged.” And the next thing you know? Brandon popped the question! 

As they say, friends, the rest is history. 🙂 

These two lovebirds are getting married later this October, and honestly weren’t even sure if they wanted to do an engagement session. But a few months ago they changed their minds, and we’re so, so glad they did. Because this spring? It’s simply beautiful, friends. Especially at Loose Park, one of our favorite spots for photos. Which is exactly where we met Kirsten and Brandon and their sweet furballs last night. 

Loose Park Spring Engagement Sneak Peek 

A colorful, candid picture of an engaged couple leaning in to share a kiss as their dogs on leashes look off into the distance during a Loose Park Spring Engagement session in Kansas City.

Kansas City Engagement Picture Locations | Loose Park, The Plaza

Kirsten and Brandon – thank you both so much for hanging out with us, letting us love on your dogs, and deciding to do an engagement session! We had so much fun with you two last night and are so stinking excited for your wedding this fall! 

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