September 23, 2020 /

Intimate KC Wedding Sneak Peek


Friends, meet Caitlyn and Steve. These two might quite possible be two of the most determined, least shakeable, flexible people that we have ever met in our lives. Especially when it came to their intimate KC wedding. Like, ever, ever met. Just like so many of you, their wedding was impacted by COVID-19. These lovebirds had to reschedule their big day not once, but twice.And when they finally got everything rescheduled and planned? They were oh-so-ready to tie the knot. We 100% imagine you know exactly how they feel. 

A colorful, candid picture of a bride and groom sharing an embrace and smiling at each other during their first look on their intimate KC wedding day.

Needless to say, we were all SO EXCITED for their big wedding this September. But, because, you know, life, 2020 had other plans. The week before their wedding Caitlyn and Steve found out that several members of their wedding party circle had tested positive for COVID-19. And when we say wedding party circle, we mean Caitlyn’s sister’s entire family. Her bridesmaid, a groomsman, flower girl, and ring bearer. Her sister, for goodness sake. 

Did your mouth just drop open? Because ours definitely did when we found out the news. Our hearts absolutely broke in half for these two. 

After their own tests came back negative? They decided to go ahead and get married anyway. So, like so many of you, they adapted their wedding day plans, again. They postponed their big reception. Cut their guest list to just their parents, Steve’s grandma from St. Louis, his brother, and Caitlyn’s other sister. Found a new place to get ready with a week’s notice, completely changed their ceremony time, still managed to get into the same stylist, bought a suit, and had a cousin make a cake. All in a week. 

And then, because, you know, 2020, on the Wednesday before their wedding, 2020 threw yet another curveball at these lovebirds. 

Steve got into a car accident. Thankfully, miraculously, he was okay, and walked away from the accident only a little sore. Despite everything that 2020 had thrown at them, Caitlyn and Steve were determined to get married on their “new” wedding date. 

And you know what? That’s exactly what they did.

They drove into KC from St. Louis bright and early wedding morning. Caitlyn got her hair and nails done with her mom and best friend. Her sister helped with her makeup. And instead of waiting to walk down the aisle, these two lovebirds decided to do a first look so they could have a few special moments just to themselves. It was so, SO incredibly sweet.  

Caitlyn’s sister who wasn’t able to make it to the wedding surprised Caitlyn and Steve by popping up in front of a door we just so happened to take photos in. In her bridesmaid dress, with her mask on; Caitlyn’s niece in her flower girl dress. They couldn’t not see their girl before she walked down the aisle. And even though we had to take pictures through the door to maintain social distance, it was one of the most emotional, moving moments we’ve ever witnessed on a wedding day. 

Caitlyn and Steve’s intimate KC wedding ceremony was honestly one of the sweetest that we’ve witnessed. And friends, we’ve seen a lot of weddings over the years. 

Intimate KC Wedding Sneak Peek 

A dramatic black and white picture of a bride and groom sharing a kiss in the lobby of their church on their intimate KC wedding day.

Kansas City Wedding Ceremony Location | Sterling Acres Baptist Church

Friends and family – we know you tuned in via Facebook to watch these two lovebirds exchange their vows, but we can only imagine how excited you are to see more from their big day. Feel free to pre-register to see their full wedding gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks. 

Caitlyn and Steve, thank you both so incredibly much for trusting us with your most special day. It was truly, truly an honor, and we are so incredibly happy that you finally got to get married. We can’t wait to share more with you so soon, and for your big party next year! 

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