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The Infamous Jamaica Workshop


Some of you may know this already. Especially if you’re one of our current clients. But most of you probably don’t know or haven’t heard. Which is why we’re writing this post. Don’t worry – nothing bad lies ahead. 🙂

Late last year, in fact two days after Erika and Reece’s wedding, we left town and headed for Jamaica. Not for vacation, although everyone we knew was convinced we would rack up lots of beach time. But instead, for what would wind up being once of the most life-changing things that we’ve ever done. We won’t bore you with the backstory of how we got there, or why. All that matters is that we got to go.

The name of the workshop? Metanoia. From Greece originally, it means, “A fundamental change of thinking: a transformative change of heart.” Which couldn’t be any more true. This workshop, or, let’s face it, life experience, was put on by the AMAZING Two Mann Studios. If you’re not following them, you absolutely, positively need to. Not only are they incredibly talented photographers, but they’re two of the best humans that we’ve ever met in our entire lives. And for more than one reason. So many, in fact, that we can’t even begin to list them all.

Anyway, off to Jamaica we went. Not really knowing what to expect, or what to learn. Let’s just say, that from the very get-go, when Lanny and Erica ran down the incredibly steep driveway to help us pull all of our luggage up, to the warm welcoming hugs from the other incredibly talented photographers, this workshop was nothing if not amazing and fully immersive.

The Infamous Jamaica Workshop

We got to spend three and a half, 16-18 hour days completely immersed in a world of nothing but photography. And the great thing about this? It wasn’t all about gear. Or business. It was about what it means to be a good human. Sure, we learned all kinds of tools and techniques that we absolutely cannot wait to implement into our wedding and engagement photography. BUT. The relationships we got to build with the other photographers and Lanny and Erika? Absolutely priceless.

In the few days that we were there, Erika and Lanny covered it all, from composition and lighting, to fun tricks and tools. Portfolio reviews, good conversation, ALL the rum punch, and life advice. These two were a completely open book. We always try to be as open and honest with our clients about everything that we can. And while we post all kinds of pretty stuff on our blog and social media, we don’t always post everything. And it was so completely and utterly refreshing to be able to talk with photographers who are both industry experts, and new to the game, that have experienced some of the same things that we have.

Some Beach…

And after we had all laughed, so incredibly much, cried (at least most of us), shared, learned, taught, and laughed some more, it was over. In only three and a half short days, our lives had been changed. To celebrate the end of our time together? We all went swimming in the bio-luminescent waters and had amazing Jamaican jerk chicken. We sadly said our goodbyes, and all traveled back to wherever it was we came from. All of us changed, all of us better photographers, but most of all humans.

Would we do it again? In an absolute-freakin-heartbeat. Was it worth the investment? We’ve both agreed we would do it again in a heartbeat. WE ARE SO, SO, SO EXCITED to put everything that we learned into action. 2019 is going to be one helluva year, friends. We can’t wait to get started!

Oh… did you expect pretty, beautiful, professional photography from our trip? Sorry about that. All you’re going to get for now are some pretty random photos from our phones. But keep your eyes open. You’ll know when you start seeing new things from us. 🙂

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