February 21, 2020 /

Fun Winter Engagement Session Sneak Peek


Well hello again, friends. Yes, we’re back again. 🙂 And yes, with another engagement session sneak peek. This time, you get to meet Anna and Jeff. Anna may just be one of the sweetest, kind- hearted people that we’ve ever met. She’s soft spoken, works with kiddos, and has the most beautiful smile and laugh. And Jeff? He keeps Anna on his toes for sure!

When Anna told us that she and Jeff met during a pick-up soccer game with friends and that they still play soccer together? We knew that somehow, a soccer ball or field had to be included in their engagement session. The really cool thing? Anna and Jeff were totally down.

And this, friends, is how we found ourselves chasing these two crazy-competitive lovebirds around a slightly muddy soccer field on Monday afternoon for their engagement session.

As they played keep-away with each other and their soccer ball, we chased and encouraged them, laughing together the whole way. It’s not very often that we get to see our couples doing something together that they love, but we have a feeling that’s going to change this year.

After we finished up at the soccer fields, we met Anna and Jeff at The Nelson for some beautiful, classic engagement photos. Anna had suggested going to The Nelson because she loves the clean stone that makes up the original building.

What we didn’t know about The Nelson?

It’s also where Anna and Jeff had their first date. They spent the day walking around the Nelson, snuck into a closed exhibit because it’s Anna’s favorite part of the whole museum, and finished their day at Shake Shack. That sounds like a pretty awesome first date to us. 🙂

Friends and family – feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks. We can only imagine how excited you are!

Fun Winter Engagement Session Sneak Peek

A relaxed, candid picture of an engaged couple sitting on stairs, sharing an embrace and laughing together during their winter engagement session in Kansas City.

KC Engagement Picture Location | Roanoke Park

Anna and Jeff – thank you so much for letting us create your engagement photos! We’re so excited for you to see the rest of your photos so soon!

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