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Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal


Happy Monday, friends! So it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, and for that we apologize! Things have been a little crazy-busy, but we still have so many amazing vendors lined up for you to meet and get to know! Today we’re so, so excited to introduce you to Sara from Altar Bridal. Altar Bridal is a bright, fun, relaxed bridal boutique in Leawood. They specialize in helping brides find the right dress. Especially if they want to look for fresh and fashionable designer dresses. And their shop is just so bright and welcoming!

Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal

Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal | A candid picture of store manager, Sara, pulling a wedding dress off the racks of the boutique.

Who are you?

“I’m Sara, our store manager at Altar Bridal! You can find me here at the store with a smile on my face and eager to help the next bride to walk in our doors. I am an energetic and cheerful person with a passion for life and family!”

Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal | Two pictures of store manager Sara, sitting at a desk, and a wide photo of the wedding gown shop.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

“Upon graduating with an apparel design degree and after working at Nordstrom for a couple years, I knew I wanted to find a way to combine my creative side with my drive to provide great customer service in an intimate retail experience. The bridal industry was an easy choice! I met our store owner, Dede Palmer, right as she was about to open Altar Bridal in the spring of 2010, and it was instantly a natural fit. I became our store manager in the summer of 2011, and the rest is history.”

What motivates you to do what you do?

“A huge motivator is helping women to find their gown and put together their bridal look so they feel gorgeous on their wedding day as they say, “I do!” I am also motivated by the personal connection and relationships we build with our brides. It is one of the most special times in their lives, and we get to enjoy a tiny piece of that, which is invaluable.”

Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal | A wide photo of the front windows and racks of wedding gowns at Altar Bridal.

What’s one thing you wish clients would ask?

“How many guests should I bring to my bridal appointment? One thing we believe can dramatically change and improve your gown shopping experience is who and how many you bring to your appointments. We know you are excited to share this moment with your friends, but the more opinions you have, the more confusing finding your dress can be. It is important to bring those whose opinions matter the most as well as those who know the difference in their own personal style and being able to cheer you on in finding yours! For example, find the two to three people who will be able to support your gown decision and understand what you are looking for. Maybe that’s mom and maid of honor, or maybe it’s your sisters; no matter who it is, you can always share your gown with the rest of your bridal party after you have found THE One!”

What’s one tip for a bride and groom planning their wedding day?

“Slow down and really think about what your wedding day means – you are getting married!! And while planning your big day is exciting and tons of fun, don’t stress the small stuff or lose focus on what the celebration is all about.”

Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal | Three detailed photos of jewelry, earrings, and wedding dress boleros at Altar Bridal.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

“As the store manager of a small boutique, I get to have my hands in many parts of the business! From heading to market in NYC with Dede, to assisting brides in their shopping appointments, to vendor networking, each day tends to bring something a little different, and that’s what has made the last 8 years fly by!”

Featured Vendor: Altar Bridal | Two pictures of store manager Sara next to a wedding gown, and of the main shopping area of the wedding gown boutique.

Do you have any hobbies, travels, or fun stories you want to share?

“One of my favorite things to do when I’m not at work is to create beautiful things. And, in my world, I let that be pretty broad! I express my creativity and love for life in many ways including designing and sewing dresses (bridal and flower girls), crafting with my nieces, taking care of my growing plant collection, and even baking!”

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