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Fall Engagement Session Sneak Peek


One of the questions we get asked on a frequent basis is how we choose where to go to take pictures. Or if our clients pick and we just show up. Well, to be completely honest, it’s kind of a combination of the two. We would never, ever ask you to choose specifically where to go because that’s just kind of overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start. Of course, if you have a favorite or special spot we will for sure go there.

But the rest of the time? It’s a team effort. You see, before we get together with our couples to plan their session, pick a date, location, clothes, etc., we have them create a mood board for us.


Well, if you’ve ever met us you know that we’re photographers and not writers or speakers for a reason. But also because sometimes it’s easier to show what you love instead of trying to verbalize it. For instance, you might tell us that you love the downtown city feeling. But your mood board? It’s telling us that the images you’re drawn to and that you love the most feel more like the Crossroads.

There’s a big difference friends.

And because we place so much emphasis on your photos looking and feeling like your authentic selves, we would never want to take you straight up downtown if you’re a Crossroads couple. Or to the heart of the city of you’re a country girl at heart.

After our couples create that mood board we all get together for drinks or coffee and hash out engagement session plans. We can look at your mood board together to come up with location ideas so that we really hit the nail on the head to ensure that you love your engagement photos.

So. Long story short, that’s how we choose locations.

Molly and Mark’s mood board? They showed us allll the city skyline and Liberty Memorial photos, as well as some of our nighttime stuff. So of course it only made sense to hit up Liberty Memorial, and then do a few nighttime photos for them. Which is what brings us to this post, and this sneak peek photo specifically.

We got to spend last Saturday night hanging out with these two lovebirds, and it was quite possible the prettiest evening we’ve had in a while. We laughed so much with this sweet pair, and are so excited to get to hang out with them more between now and their wedding next spring. We’re also so stinking excited to share their sneak peek with you – we can hardly wait for you to see more images from their fall engagement session!!

Fall Engagement Session Sneak Peek

A colorful, vibrant picture of an engaged couple holding hands as they stand nose to nose underneath a canopy of bright yellow and orange leaves during their fall engagement session at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.

Kansas City Engagement Picture Location | Liberty Memorial

Family and friends – we know you’re probably so excited to see more from Molly and Mark’s engagement session! Feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks!

Mark and Molly – thank you both so much for letting us create your engagement images! We’re so excited to share more with you so soon!!

(PS – Mark is actually Samantha’s cousin – check out Sam and Cody’s Wedding Day here.)

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