March 28, 2019 /

Early Spring Downtown KC Engagement


We are 100% sure that Haley and Brody have the best time all the time. Take their engagement session, for example. For sessions this time of year we always keep our eyes on the weather, just in case. And it was supposed to rain on Saturday, all week long. But, Haley and Brody decided they wanted to go ahead with their session and if it rained so be it.

Well, thank goodness it didn’t rain. Because that meant we got to do their full engagement session. We may have accidently kept them for about 30 minutes longer than we intended. And we asked them to do some pretty silly things. We all laughed together until our sides hurt. And the stories we traded…. Well, we’ll just leave those between the four of us for now.

Needless to say we had a blast with these two. And we think it’s pretty safe to say they had a blast as well. At least we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they did. If the smiles on their faces and the warm hugs we got at the end of our session were any indicator, they had a great time.

So without further ado, friends, here’s just a sneak peek from Haley and Brody’s engagement session. We’re not going to lie, we had a really, really hard time narrowing it down! We LOVE this image because it just feels like them. Smiles on their faces, natural together, and oh-so-in love.

Early Spring Downtown KC Engagement 

A black and white candid portrait of an engaged couple sharing an embrace as they stand in a covered staircase of a New England Building in downtown Kansas City during their engagement session.

Kansas City Engagement Picture Location | The Library District

Family and friends – we know how excited you are to see Haley and Brody’s pictures! Feel free to pre-register to see their gallery almost as soon as they do! We promise they’ll see their images so soon!

Haley and Brody – thank you so much for letting us create your engagement photos! We are SO EXCITED for you to see the rest of them so soon!

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