November 20, 2018 /

Downtown KC Engagement Sneak Peek


Sooooo…..Hailey and Johnny. It’s time that you all got to meet them. Because they are wonderful. And funny. And so incredibly in love with each other. They’re both also incredible ballroom dancers (which is how they met). And are so graceful together that they put the rest of us to shame.

We’re going to go old school for a minute here. But do you remember the movie “It Takes Two” starring the two and only Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? There’s a line in that movie that goes something along the lines of, “It’s gotta be a can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, home-run kind of love.” That, my friends, is exactly what Hailey and Johnny have. (And if you were wondering, that’s also a FANTASTIC 1990s movie!)

Anywhoo…. We got to spend an amazing Friday afternoon with this sweet couple last week. And we all laughed so much, created some GORGEOUS, oh-so-unique images, and celebrated them. We are SO excited to finally get to release this sneak peek from their engagement session. Who are we kidding. We’re also SO EXCITED for them to see their full gallery in just a few weeks. 🙂

Downtown KC Engagement Sneak Peek

Downtown KC Engagement Sneak Peek KC Engagement Pictures | Rivas | A candid picture of an engaged couple walking hand in hand underneath the ropes of the Kansas City Kauffman Center for the performing arts during their sunset engagement session.

Kansas City Engagement Picture Location | Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Family and friends – we know you’re so excited to see ALL of Hailey and Johnny’s gorgeous engagement photos! Feel free to pre-register to see their gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks!

Hailey and Johnny – thank you both so much for letting us make your engagement photos! We couldn’t be more excited for your wedding next November!

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