December 28, 2018 /

Dear 2018


If we’re being honest, we have very, very mixed feelings about you. You started off oh-so-sweet. Especially since we sold our house and moved downtown. And you were nice, for a while. Pleasant to be around, even. But. Then you decided (or rather we decided), that we just weren’t satisfied with what you were giving us, and that we wanted more out of you. And we know that you’ll be the first to admit that you weren’t willing to give much on that. But you better believe (as you now know), that we were willing to fight for what we wanted.

And what was it that we wanted? Above all to be ourselves, and to continue to do what we love, for people we love, the way we want to. To really embrace ourselves, our loves, and what we want out life. To lay it all on the table and say this is who we are, take it or leave it. And above all, to be okay with that. Because, as we’ve learned from you, for most of this year, it’s okay to be a little terrified. Because when you’re terrified, you’re willing to take bigger risks. Because what do you have to lose?

So we decided to spend the second half of 2018 laying it all out there. Making all the big decisions and changes. And being okay with the fact that if we were going to go down in a ball of flames, at least it was our real, true selves in that ball. But you know what happened when we had that revelation? 2018 – you decided to start to play a little bit nicer. Instead of fighting back, you taught us how to love ourselves and each other. That it’s really truly okay to be ourselves and that we don’t have to pretend to be anything we’re not to exist in the world of wedding photography. (Or, you know, just life in general). We’re so grateful for the kick in the butt you gave us that we so desperately needed to make this year wonderful.

We have a feeling that although we’re still a little bitter towards 2018, that it will wind up being one of our favorite years yet because of all the challenges, happy tears, and people that it brought into our lives.

We were honored to photograph 13 amazing weddings this year. Is that number as high as others? Nope. Definitely not. But it’s what we wanted. And we didn’t just get to photograph those couples’ weddings. Each and every one of them let us into their lives and homes as friends. We got to create the first family heirlooms for 13 amazing couples. Family heirlooms that will be passed down for generations to come.

This year we got to work with so many AMAZING groups. Not just groups that hire us to hire us, but groups that we believe in. That are working to better our community. Groups like The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, ArtsKC, The Kansas City Repertoire Theater, William Jewell College, Heartland Credit Union, Big Slick, GenKC, the KC Neighborhood Academy, Thundergong, and so many more.

We got to make headshots, magazine covers, billboards, website material and feel good material. You let us photograph your babies, your birthdays, your anniversaries, your awards, ad your parties. Victories and losses alike, this wonderful community let us be part of that. You’ve supported us and stood behind us when we doubted ourselves the most. And you’ve shown us time and time again, that what we do matters. And it doesn’t just matter for now. It matters for years to come.

This year you pushed us, internally and creatively. You made us figure out what exactly it is out of life that we want. What we want our purpose to be, and who we want to impact. You’ve educated us, pushed us, forced us to come up with new, creative solutions, and to simplify everything. You introduced us to two of the most amazing humans, photographers, and educators out there. And you led us to an amazing group of peers that knows what it’s like to be in our shoes, constantly pushing against the mold.

So, okay, 2018. Maybe we are a little sad to see you go. But you know what? Before we leave, we want you to pass something along to 2019. Let 2019 know that we are coming. We are coming with so much determination and fight, and love, and creativity. We are coming in with no expectations, but instead with every ounce of passion and gratitude, drive and heart that we’ve got. And we can hardly contain our excitement about al of our new, amazing friends that are getting married next year.

So, see you later 2018. Maybe you were the best year yet after all.


Kyle & Melissa

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