November 7, 2019 /

Colorful Fall Engagement Sneak Peek


What’s your favorite love story, friends? Mine is the one where the guy confesses his love in a secret admirer note with a copy of Lady and the Tramp only to find out the timing isn’t right. Fast-forward a few years and the girl confesses her undying love for the guy via drunken text message in a Taco Bell drive through line. And the rest is history.


That’s my favorite love story because that’s our love story. 🙂

Or there’s the one where the guy from Lawrence decided to study abroad in London and met a girl from Kansas City who pretended to be interested in history and architecture just to spend time with the guy. And when she found out he was actually from a place very close to home? Well…. The rest is history. 

I probably love that one because it’s Michelle and Tony’s love story. 🙂

Would these two ever in a million years have thought they would meet their person while overseas in London? Nope. Not ever. But now they’re engaged, have the SWEETEST puppy ever, and are planning their very Kansas City wedding. They still love traveling together and have the best adventures all over the world.

Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes? Just when you least expect love comes up and completely and utterly surprises you and sweeps you off your feet.

Well, friends. Since Michelle and Tony are getting married and have asked us to photograph their wedding, that means we also got to create their engagement photos – yay!!! And when we found out that meant spending a gorgeous fall afternoon at Loose Park with them and Winston and Anna (Michelle’s mom who helped with Winston)? You KNOW we were crazy-excited.

Which is kind of why we’re here… because it’s sneak peek day! Here you go, friends!!

Colorful Fall Engagement Sneak Peek

A colorful, candid picture of an engaged couple sharing a kiss as their giant white dog sits in front of them smiling at the camera during their fall engagement session at Kansas City's Loose Park.

Engagement Session Location | Loose Park

Family and friends – we know you’re probably so excited to more from Michelle and Tony’s engagement session. And we’re not going to lie…. We would be so excited if we were you too! Feel free to go ahead and pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Michelle and Tony – thank you so much for letting us make your engagement pictures! We absolutely cannot wait for you to see the rest of them in just a few weeks!!

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