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Classic KC Fall Wedding Sneak Peek


Friends, if you have ever dreamt of what it might be like to have a completely classic KC fall wedding? Look no further. Because Kirsten and Brandon had exactly that. When we first heard from these two lovebirds at the beginning of the year, they made it very clear that they couldn’t wait to get married, and that one their wedding day nothing else mattered except getting married. 

A candid black and white picture of a man in a suit holding up his hand with a wedding band on his ring finger, smiling with glee as his bride laughs and smiles watching him.

Before we get to their big day, we have to share a little something about these two with you. 

First of all, they met online. Bumble, for those of you keeping track. 🙂 They knew as soon as they sat down for dinner at Zocalo on The Plaza that they had something special. Brandon claims that Kirsten made him wait a while before she showed up; Kirsten says that she had to make sure he wasn’t a total creeper before coming in. However it went down, these two knew immediately that it was special. And not too long after that first date in October of 2019? They started planning their first vacation to Seattle. 

After that first vacation, they knew they loved to adventure together, and when the Chiefs went to the Superbowl in February of 2020 Kirsten and Brandon went right along with them. 

Anybody who has ever moved in with their partner knows that although it sounds like it will be easy and exciting, it rarely ever turns out that way. Well, friends, the opposite is true for Kirsten and Brandon. These two lovebirds made the decision to move in together right as stay-at-home orders were going into effect in Kansas City last spring. They wound up working from home together, from the same office, in fact. 

And they both lived to tell the story. 🙂 

Just kidding. Turns out, Kirsten and Brandon genuinely can’t get enough of each other. And whether it’s Brandon constantly trying to make Kirsten laugh, or having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure together, it’s so, so obvious by just being around them that these lovebirds are meant to be. 

Family and Friends – we know just how excited you were for Kirsten and Brandon to finally get to tie the knot. We’re sure you’re just as excited to see their photos! Feel free to pre-register to see their gallery as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks! 

Classic Fall Wedding Sneak Peek 

A colorful, candid picture of a bride and groom holding hands and walking across a black and white striped pavement, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts visible in the background on a fall wedding day in Kansas City.

Kansas City Wedding Picture Locations | Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts 

Kirsten and Brandon – thank you, thank you, thank you so much for letting us create your wedding photos! We can’t even wait to share more with you so soon! 

Can’t wait to see more of these two lovebirds? Check out their engagement session here. 

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