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Casual Engagement Pictures at Loose Park


So you’re wedding planning. (Congratulations, by the way!) You’ve got your venue, you’ve hired your photographer, and now you’re starting to think about your engagement pictures. And where you should go to take them. What you should wear, what props, if any you should bring with you. All of these tiny little details are running through your mind and you’re not 100% sure where to start. We’ll be back next week with a more in-depth post on it, but for now, our #1 recommendation for picking a place to do your engagement session?

Go some place that has meaning for you and your partner.

A lot of times on their wedding day, couples will revisit the place they got engaged to do wedding pictures. Or they’ll visit a classic Kansas City icon because, who wouldn’t want to. Finding spots to do engagement photos can often be a little more challenging.

By choosing a place that that has meaning for you and your fiancé you’re more likely to feel at home and comfortable in that spot. Oftentimes revisiting a location brings back a flood of emotions that you might not expect. And nothing’s better for engagement pictures than real, true emotion.

Here are some things to think when you’re making your special place list:

  1. Where you met your partner. A lot of couples we work with meet at college, and college campuses are great for engagement pictures.
  2. Where did your fiancé propose? Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of couples will revisit this spot on their wedding day. But it’s often really fun to revisit during your engagement session too, or instead of on your wedding day.
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do together? Do you love going to the movies, or even grocery shopping?
  4. Where was your first date? For some couples this is such a meaningful spot. It might not be the most photo-friendly, but it never hurts to run it by your photographer anyway.
Take Katarina and Tim’s engagement session. 

We got to spend Sunday evening with these two lovebirds and their precious corgis, Scout and Bennett. And, of course, it was an absolute BLAST!!

One of the really cool things about their engagement session? We got to do part of it at a place that has a lot of meaning to them, Loose Park. It’s actually where these two had their first date. And while we’re pretty sure we didn’t make it to the spot where they actually were, we did get to explore a lot of the rest of the park.

WITH THEIR CORGIS. Because, you know, we love corgis too.

And while Loose Park wasn’t initially on their list of engagement session locations, we’re glad they were excited about it. Especially since it meant we got to romp all over the park with them and their sweet pups. (And their awesome friends who came along to help corgi wrangle).

Do you know what we think is pretty awesome? That now, they have photos of their whole, sweet family in the place where they shared their first date. For us sappy sentimental fools that’s pretty cool.

And now, on to what you’ve all been waiting for, Katarina and Tim’s sneak peek. Because we really know that’s the main reason you’re here. (We may be sappy, sentimental fools, but we’re not just fools. :)) Well, here you go, friends. We hope you enjoy!

Casual Engagement Pictures at Loose Park

A bright, candid picture of a couple in Charlie Hustle tee shirts, jeans, and Converse sneakers sitting on a bench at Kansas City's Loose Park, where they had their first date, with their corgis on their laps for their engagement session.

KC Engagement Session Location | Loose Park

Family and friends – feel free to pre-register to see their full gallery as soon as it’s released! We promise we won’t keep you waiting too much longer, just a few short weeks!

Katarina and Tim – THANK YOU BOTH so much for letting us create your engagement images!! We can’t wait for you to see the rest of them, and are so excited to see you both in just a few short weeks!

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