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5 Times it’s okay to Reschedule your Engagement Session


Let’s chat about real life for a minute, shall we friends? Real life happens, whether any of us like to admit it or not. It especially happens when you’ve been making plans to do something awesome, like have engagement pictures taken. Around here, because we don’t absolutely pack our calendars full of weddings like so many other photographers, we’re able to be a little bit more flexible with our clients when life comes up. In fact, we’ve often been known to be super empathetic. Likely, because life has happened to us at a super inopportune moment too.

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That being said, today we thought we’d share with you 5 times it’s okay to reschedule your engagement session. 

Keep in mind that none of these things would be on our list if we or our couples had not experienced them in real life. And just know that if any of these ever happen to you? It’s totally okay to call your photographer and ask if you can reschedule your engagement session. 

Along the way, we’re also going to be sharing some of our favorites from Kristie and Damon’s two mini-engagement sessions.. You know, because we’re just like that. 😉 

5 Times it’s okay to Reschedule your Engagement Session

You or your honey are sick or have recently had surgery

For real though, friends. If you’re not feeling well? Stay home and take care of yourself. Or, your honey, if they’re the one not feeling well. We feel like this might be common sense, but you would be surprised. You two are likely going to be macking out for a good chunk of your engagement session, which means lots of swapping spit. If one of you is sick? That’s absolutely no fun for either one of you. Selfishly, we also don’t want you to get us sick. Kyle’s got the metabolism of a kindergartner that licks every surface he comes into contact with. I, on the other hand, seem to get a sinus infection anytime I’m within 5 feet of my nieces for more than 5 minutes. 

We promise your photographer won’t be mad if you ask to reschedule because you’re sick. We’ve all been there. Stay home and get better, friend. 

You’ve had a family or pet emergency pop up

This is also a great, legitimate reason to reschedule your engagement session. Around here family comes above everything else. Which means that if my sister calls, needing a last minute baby-sitter for our nieces? I’m there. We expect you guys to be the same, and are more than happy to reschedule if a family emergency comes up. Family is everything, and you’ve got to take care of them. 

Your fur babies are also part of your family, and you better believe that if one of them is sick or having an emergency? Your photographer would much rather you be at home nursing them back to health instead of partially focused on your engagement pictures. 

You’ve been on your feet, hustling hard all day long. 

We know, we know. Some of you are on your feet all day for work anyway, but this is a different kind of on your feet hustling. Speaking from our own experience, you want to be nice and fully rested before your engagement session. The day we had our engagement photos taken, we decided to walk the entire Mall in Washington DC and fight a 30 mile per hour wind because we only had a few days in the city and wanted to experience as much as we could. When it came time for our engagement session that night? We were absolutely BEAT and could barely function. I was practically holding Kyle up by the end of the night. 

Take our word for it friends, plan a really low-key day the day of your session so you’re not already exhausted by the time we start. Or, if there’s no way around it, ask to reschedule. We promise your photographer won’t be mad. 

You’re having an allergic reaction to something

Again, this one might seem like a little bit of common sense, but you would be surprised. If you’re having an allergic reaction to something, and part of you is swollen or doesn’t look how it normally does? Ask your photographer if you can reschedule your session. The last thing we want is for you to be uncomfortable or self-conscious about something. When that happens individuals tend to come off as super stressed out and unhappy in photos, and that’s just not how any photographer wants your engagement photos to turn out. 

The weather is just shit. 

Around here we’re big believers in couples actually enjoying their engagement session. And, believe it or not, we won’t shoot if the weather gets to be super shitty. If it’s over 95*, we always recommend rescheduling. Nobody likes to be super close to their significant other in weather that hot, no matter how much you love each other. On the other end of the scale, we also recommend rescheduling if it’s going to be below 45* outside (unless you want winter coat, bundled up photos). Again, it might not sound that cold, but we can pretty much that unless you’re bundled up like an eskimo you’re going to be chattering your teeth off, your honey will be irritated by you trying to stick your icy fingers places they shouldn’t go, and both of your noses will be blue in your photos. 

Trust us, friends. If the weather looks bad, or even a little windy or rainy? Do yourselves a favor and reschedule. We guarantee you your photographer doesn’t want to be out in crappy weather any more than you do. 

I guess, if we had to sum all of this up, we would say that it’s okay if you need to reschedule your engagement session. in fact, there are likely more than 5 times it’s okay to reschedule your engagement session. Life happens. As wedding photographers, and humans we get that.

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