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Merry-Go-Round Rock Engagement Session | S+T

We’re all friends here, right? Good. Because it’s about to get real. And Kyle is going to be absolutely mortified that I’m writing this here. But, we’re all friends, so it’s totally cool. I’m a big, big, BIG fan of really bad 80’s music. 80’s on 8 is my absolute favorite Sirius Satellite Radio Station. And you know what one of my very favorite all time 80’s songs is? Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract.” I know, I know, insert the eye roll.

But here’s the thing. When I think about Stephanie and Tyler, and their crazy-beautiful, adventurous Sedona and Merry-Go-Round Rock Engagement Session, this song keeps playing over, and over in my head. In a totally, totally, amazingly good way. Bear with me while I explain. 🙂

When we first met Stephanie earlier this winter she immediately fell in love with our images. She happened to know a few people that we’ve photographed, and we easily struck up a conversation. As we were talking, the topic of engagement photos came up. And she mentioned how it’s been her absolute dream to have her engagement photos taken in Sedona, Arizona, with all of the red rocks as a backdrop. Well. Lo and behold, I mentioned our travel policy to her. A few weeks later, she and her fiancé Tyler, and Kyle and I were all working together to plan their dream engagement session, in Sedona.

The crazy thing about Sedona, is that it’s just a few hours’ drive from two places that are on Kyle’s photo bucket list: Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Somehow, miraculously, Kyle talks Stephanie and Tyler into traveling to Page, Arizona to Horseshoe Bend for part of their session. (PS – we’re working on planning a trip back to Antelope Canyon next winter! If you’re interested in a shoot while we’re there, let us know!)

This is where the Paula Abdul song comes into play. Part of the words are, “I take—2 steps forward, I take—2 steps back. We come together cuz opposites attract.” Tyler and Stephanie are really, truly opposites in the best way, and they complement each other so well, in so may ways. But, when we were on the edge of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, Stephanie kept walking closer, and closer, and closer to the canyon edge. Meanwhile, Tyler and I (who are both terrified of heights) were hugging the rocks. This song kept playing over and over in my head for the very literal way they were opposites as well. Tyler ROCKED their session, but as soon as we were done moved back to flatter ground as far from the edge as he could get.

Horseshoe Bend Engagement | Stephanie & Tyler

The next day, we finished up Stephanie and Tyler’s engagement session in Sedona, at one of the most beautiful, hard to get to locations ever: Merry-Go-Round Rock. This rock only sits about three miles out of Sedona. But, the road to get there is straight from a Jeep commercial. Like for real. And the whole thing is right on a Cliffside. But, it’s the prettiest, and best view in Sedona. Once again, Stephanie kept scooting closer and closer to the edge. Tyler tagged along so that his bride could have the images that she wanted – what a trooper!

Stephanie & Tyler | Merry-Go-Round Rock Engagement Session

We had so many more crazy-fun adventures with these two during our time in Sedona, and can’t thank them enough for the AMAZING adventure. Congratulations, Stephanie and Tyler!!

Sedona Engagement Picture Location | Horseshoe Bend, Merry-Go-Round Rock

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